Your iPhone 6 Plus (or Galaxy S6) WON’T Work With The Pip-Boy

by Joey Pedras

Bethesda says their Pip-Boy replica will not be compatible with the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy S6 phones. Their reasoning is because formatting for those phones would deter from making the Pip-Boy‘s dimensions faithful to those in the games.

I see this as nothing less than reasonable. It’ll accommodate most other mainstream smartphones. If you like your phones bigger than the rest you’ll be missing out. No need to fret thought, my dears, I’m sure you’ll still be able to use the Pip-Boy app that will be released at Fallout 4′s launch.

We eagerly await the day when we can pre-order this precious Fallout lover’s dream piece. I guess that day will come soon, but with every new day the wait gets harder, and harder.

Fallout 4 is set to release Novermber 10th, 2015.

(SOURCE: Engadget)

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