Small Roles, Huge Heart

by Anthony Wetmore (@TheMisterPipes, GhostConch)

Do you enjoy films? Of course you do. Do you also enjoy candid interviews and insider stories behind famous scenes in iconic and well known films? Are you into spoonerisms and a stray Dire Straits reference rambling ads interlaced with carefully selected mews from the fattest cat to ever live? Are you not a fan of editing?

I Was There Too a Wolfpop (@Wolfpopnetwork) production, just might be the podcast you’re looking for. Forged by Superego veteran Matt Gourley[@MattGourley] (Superego, Drunk History) from the fond memories and highly regarded bevy of films a great many of us hold dear and close to our exposed beating hearts, I Was There Too is all things a podcast about film should be.

Relying only on his undeniable charm, personal relations and listener connections, Gourley culls his guests carefully from a pool of folks not necessarily in the lead. Talking to folks like Greg Proops about his stint as Fode, one half of a pod-race announcer in The Phantom Menace, Eileen Dietz and her portrayal of the demon Pazuzu aka Captain Howdy in The Exorcist, Stephen Toblowsky as Ned Ryerson, annoying insurance salesman in Groundhog Day, even the passengers aboard bus 2525 from the high tension public transportation classic Speed.

All of this is intertwined with the wit and charisma pouring exceedingly from Gourley. Both intrepid host and excited fanboy shine through in these sometimes hour long conversations as well as delightful sub-segments such as I Was There Tune (the dreaded liquid ‘U’ please) or I Was There Mew featuring Matt’s cat Margaux The Fat Guy talking about her various exploits dodging a load of endearing insults and jabs.

If any of that sounds like anything you’d like to hear the sounds of, you should give I Was There Too a look, listen and a click. Maybe not in that order.

Check out these episodes for a sample of the magic:

Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace with Greg Proops:

The Exorcist with Eileen Dietz:

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