Comedy Bang! Bang! Returns Tonight with Kid Cudi!

by Anthony Wetmore (@TheMisterPipes, GhostConch)

Heynong Man! Great news and greater news! Not only does alt. comedy mammoth Comedy Bang! Bang! (the TV show, not the podcast) returns tonight to continue it’s tour-de-force fourth season on the IFC Network, your host boy with the most toys Crop Topperman (Scott Aukerman) is bringing along his new co-host (perhaps new best friend?) Kid Cudi! Cudi comes as a fresh face to the CBB home as a replacement for the recently departed (from the show!) Reggie Watts

While we may never know why president Obama was determined to dissect Reggie’s penis, and we may miss his wild beats and compelling guest questions, we shouldn’t be anything but ridiculously excited to see what weathered rapper Kid Cudi brings to the desk (where he sits!). 

I can only assume witty repartee, some sick ass beats and all other ranges of goofiness. Having seen Cudi’s appearance as a guest on the show I can earnestly say I see him fitting in just fine in the twisted CBB landscape.

Tonight at tune-in and drop onto that couch around 10:30 PM (EASTERN TIME) to catch Comedy Bang! Bang! with guest Michael Cera after an all new Maron!

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