ALISON SUDOL Cast In Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

by Joey Pedras (@joeypedras)

Sudol will be taking on the of Queenie in Fantastic Beasts. Sudol, is known best for her musical work (A Fine Frenzy), and role in Amazon’s original series “Transparent. She joins Academy Award winner Eddie Redmayne, and Ezra Miller in an ever growing cast for the Harry Potter “prequel”.

The film, based off the book of the same name, is set in New York City in the 1920s. It follows Newt Scamander (Redmayne) as he scours the globe for the world’s most mythical, and fantastic beasts. JK Rowling will be writing the first screenplay for this supposed series of films to be released. Fantastic news for fans of the Harry Potter books, and films. Good to know this original story will be in the hands of its original creator. The film will also be produce by David Heyman, who has produced all of the previous Harry Potter films.

Seems like this new film set in the Potter universe will definitely try to retain the feel, and tone the previous films had. It’s shaping up to be something pretty…fantastic.

(Source: Cinemablend)

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