BATMAN V SUPERMAN Conspiracy Theory Time: Who’s That ROBIN?

by Joey Pedras (@joeypedras)

So we just got a new glimpse at Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. With that, came a ton of new footage, and also plenty of “Easter Eggs”. The still above has my interest particularly piqued.

Now if we’re talking The Dark Knight Returns universe, this should be Dick Grayson. For some reason, I have my doubts. We know very little about the universe of this dark knight. Not much is known that what has been shown to us or told us already. We know it takes place in the same universe as Suicide Squad. So this is definitely the work of Jared Leto’s Joker. There’s just one question: which Robin is this?

We don’t know which Robins exist in this universe. What we do know is that Jason Todd has always had a very traumatic history with the Joker, to say the least. So is this Todd’s getup? Is it Grayson’s? Is it Drake’s? We can’t be too sure yet. My vote is on Jason Todd because of the situations he’s been involved in during previous incarnations. Just going to have to wait, and see.

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