by Joey Pedras (@joeyPedras)

Friday night, we got to see legendary rebels back together again to discuss the new Star Wars film, and show off some new footage. Ford, seemingly doing great after his awful plan accident a couple months back, was greeting with absolute love, and joy. “I’m fine. I walked here so had bad can it be?” regaled Ford. Good to see the scoundrel’s doing well.

JJ Abrams, director of The Force Awakens, says the movie is in its “fine tuning” stages. Good to know the first sequel to the original series in decades is getting the TLC is definitely requires. I trust the folks over at Disney really know how to treat this license. I mean, they’re planning on throwing money at it for a very long time. With the countless spinoffs, and games, and merch coming out in the next few years. Disney would be remiss not to make sure everything was as absolutely perfect as possible.

Abrams also discussed the implications of directing a film that is so deeply loved, and ingrained in our culture.

“Because we love it and care about it so much, our job is to not be
blinded by that. You can’t be a fan and say you’re going to make a good
movie because you’re a fan. That’s not enough. I’ll tell
you from personal experience, when you’re directing a scene on the
Millennium Falcon, it doesn’t make the scene good. Now it’s bitchin’
that it’s on the Millennium Falcon, but it doesn’t make the scene
automatically good.“

It’s reassuring to know that he’s coming at this film as if it were any other. To know that first, and foremost to tell the story that needs to be told. It’s purpose is not to drop names, and faces, and locations. The purpose is to move these characters, and continue their stories while also introducing new ones. I think we’ll get just that.

(Source: Yahoo Movies)

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