Real DUFF Beer To Be Heading To Stores In Chile

by Joey Pedras

The iconic, crap beer from The Simpsons is officially a real thing. The beer is set to be released in Chile (and the rest of South America) this year, and Europe sometime next year.

No plans anytime soon to release it in the US (for some strange reason.) According to the Huffington Post, the actual beer isn’t going to be crap at all. It’s said to have “a deep, golden color – a hint of fruit and a caramel aroma.” So you can bet your suds that they’ll attempt to make this beer as likeable as The Simpsons itself.

I can already here the moans, and sighs of beer snobs everywhere. I, for one, would be totally psyched to get a can of good ol’ Duff in my hands. It’s been a dream of Simpsons fans, and beer lovers for a very long time.

(Source: Huffington Post)

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