Scream Update

by Anthony Wetmore (@TheMisterPipes, GhostConch)

Lakewood is abuzz with gossip, rumor and of course the reverberations of the recent murder of Nina Patterson (Bella Thorne). Like blood in the pool, it spreads at a medium pace, touching and coloring all around. Rumblings of the possible return of the infamous Brandon James has the town, and the teens rife with distress and concern, also, I think I need to charge my phone.

The series continues it’s themes on the danger of e-fame in the twenty-first century, in true current fashion of heavy-handed name dropping of Instagram, Twitter and even a bash on Facebook “like anyone still uses that.” Classes take a backseat to constant social media updates, mainlining news of the freshly dead, upping the body count to two, with no clear answer is sight. Terror and sadness reign amid smaller social hook-ups and hang-ups in perfect measure.

Red Herrings aplenty, ‘Scream: the tv series’, has such a grasp on the tone of the times as well as the slick, consistent creepiness that pervades every bit of the scenery. The second episode even introduces Piper Shay (Amelia Rose Blaire of HBO’s ‘True Blood’) who not only happens to be the host of a certain murder/crime focused podcast that is updated daily as the proceedings develop, she also just happens to be a near-spitting image of Serial podcast host Sarah Koenig which I am certain is no mere coincidence. 

With the bodies piling at an appropriate pace so far for television, the obvious finger on the pulse of what is hot in terms of new media consumption, with a keen eye on the way millennials build themselves up electronically with new gadgets and apps to transmit our every thought, deed and sandwich order, ‘Scream’ hits every note with eerie precision. The unaware self-aware tonality of the more humorous sections are the final touch that really brings this show into stellar territory. It knows what it is and it knows what it’s doing. It also knows that cheese, as much as blood, will catch like the next hot viral video. All of this and slow glimpses of what is truly happening every so often with just as many dead corners and soured relationships to keep the series afloat well into the long haul.

“Scream: the tv series” has already been picked up for a second season and I could not be more delighted to see where they take it.

“Scream: the tv series” airs Tuesdays on MTV at 10PM

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