Casey Neistat’s BEME Is LIVE

by Joey Pedras (@joeypedras)

Casey Neistat, director/vlogger/creator extraordinaire, has finally released his highly anticipated app. Under wraps for quite some time we’ve finally got a look at the new iPhone application. The app is all about authenticity, and “real”. No filters. No second guessing. Whatever you record is immediate. It’s out there. One could describe it as a very stripped back, and raw Snapchat. Find other strangers near, and far an check out glimpses of their lives.

Right now you can only access the app’s features through an unlock code. These unlock codes have to be transferred from one user to someone who’s still locked out. So take to social media to find your way in. Neistat describes it as a way to keep people who will actually use the app in. Stating that it’s all about the loyal, recurring users. It’s suppose to be a place where friends share honest moments between each other.

My personal opinion, the idea is great. Raw, short videos from friend’s lives seems great. We can say that Snapchat or Instagram is too cultivated, and edited. Though I think we all took to those platforms for that reason. The masses might be tired of dealing with raw life. So it’s unclear yet what BEME’s true purpose might be. It’ll have lots to get over to reach the accessibility, and addictiveness of Snapchat. I guess we’ll see what Neistat, and his team has in store.

Check out the app for yourself here

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