Nerd Hall Sips: A Soda Review

by Anthony Wetmore (@TheMisterPipes, GhostConch)

Something a little different for this early Friday afternoon.

Sprite: LeBron’s Mix (also Sprite 6 Mix)

We’re all familiar with Sprite. A refreshingly light and crisp clean lemon-lime uncola for the masses care of the Coca-Cola Company, known mostly for Coca-Cola (Classic, not that hip “New” Coke, please).

In 1959, in West Germany Coca-Cola developed what would become Sprite as Fanta Klare Zitrone (Clear Lemon Fanta). Introduced in the United States in 1961 in direct competition with the preexisting 7-Up.

Jump forward to just last year we as a nation are introduced to the “limited edition” Sprite variant Sprite: LeBron’s Mix (Sprite 6 Mix). In cahoots with Coca-Cola famed basketball player LeBron James placed his good name and spin on the new Sprite product. LeBron’s Mix is a lemon-lime soda with notes of cherry and orange.

Overall as a doomed fan of all things fizzy, chilled and otherwise, I was intrigued by the new take on an old favorite.

The scent upon opening the bottle is a familiar one of lemon-lime acidity with subtle undertones of the sweeter orange and the bolder cherry notes. Pleasant and not all much different than one would expect from a clean, crisp Sprite. First tastes reveal the differences which are almost afterthoughts to the classic drink. Lemon-lime “lymon” is still the lead in this new Sprite show, though as it lingers, the orange reveals itself gently carrying the cherry along with it to round out what is ultimately a stellar, though downplayed combination. With these introductions, LeBron’s Mix presents a heartier, grounded though all around still refreshing soda drinking experience. If you’re at all out for something out of the ordinary “un-cola”, you can’t go wrong with LeBron’s Mix

The classic green bottle sporting a newly designed white, red and gold label evokes a sense of royalty, something a little beyond your average pop-bottle advert label. It promises a smooth and almost luxurious soda experience which it delivers effectively. Thanks Mr. James, and thank you Coca-Cola for this submission to the soda lexicon.

LeBron’s Mix though touted as a “limited edition” can still be found on shelves. 

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