Jamie Lee Curtis Plays STREET FIGHTER – “More than you will ever know.”

by Denis Ricardo (@deniricardo)

In a recent press junket for her upcoming film Spare Parts, actress Jamie Lee Curtis was posed a question about violent imagery in movies by local DC Fox affliliate journalist Kevin McCarthy. Video of the interview can be seen here.

When responding to how she feels violence plays a role in children’s media consumption, she makes the annecdote that she is the mom of a “…total gamer…” and is attending a “…fighting game convention for his graduation from high school.” She goes on, “I play Street Fighter more than you will ever know.”

When Kevin McCarthy asks if she is a Ryu or a Ken person, she scoffs at the ridiculousness of the question and exhaspteratedly exclaims “Cammy!”

Keeping to her word, and maybe winning Mom of the Year, she tweeted a photo of herself incognito as Vega from the Street Fighter series over the weekend while at EVO 2015, the fighting game convention mentioned in her interview, in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the photo, she posed with her family in toe as DJ, Dr. Bosconovich and Makoto.

(Source: Joey Cuellar via Twitter)

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