ABC Releases THE MUPPETS First Look

by Joey Pedras (@joeypedras)

After an outrageous, unprecedented outcry from fans, ABC decided to release this “never to be seen” footage. Only showed at San Diego Comic-Con, this is the footage used to convince ABC to make the new Muppets show. After watching this it becomes very obvious that they made a smart decision. The show using the over-played documentary style (see Gonzo), plays around with adult themes, and has a bit of a dark side.

Fans that attended the Comic-Con panel were said to be the loudest, and most passionate of all the panels that occurred that weekend. Easy to see why. How can you not love The Muppets? A format that’s found tons of success brought to one of the most beloved cast of characters. Seems like an obvious format for success, right? Wonder what took them so long. 

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