LCD (Subway) System

by Anthony Wetmore (@TheMisterPipes, GhostConch)

“A beats on repeat, beating on me…” ~ LCD Soundsystem, “On Repeat” 

“Like a death of the heart, Jesus, where do I start?” Croons Murphy in a tired and longing love song to New York. Maybe the answer has always been the subways.

A change is slowly coming to the unrelenting subways of New York City. No, it won’t be more time efficient, and you certainly won’t be feeling any cooler or warmer in those unrelenting tunnels. There will, however, come a catchy tune you’ll hopefully come to associate with your stops. James Murphy, former front man of  the legendary New York dance-punk band LCD Soundsystem is setting forth on a new musical mission. Murphy aims to do away with the harsh beeps of lifeless turnstiles and replace them with what he’s calling a Subway Symphony

“I believe that music makes people happy, and it can make them reflective,” says Murphy in the video introduction to the project “The turnstile has to make a sound. It might as well be beautiful.”

Having been a consistent fan of LCD Soundsystem and Murphy himself, I can think of no better New Yorker to serenade the city with it’s own means of transportation. For more than twenty years, Murphy has had the idea to change rush hour from a dinning humdrum into an exciting musically driven journey home. Each station would have it’s own unique tune played by travelers and turnstiles alike, swiping through a song that will not only delight but also serve as a memory-marker of where you are and where you are going. As a result of this I could see the project being adopted further, producing a seamless inter-connectivity between all people and places that use the system. Making it home is no longer a frustrating  struggle, no longer a cold mechanical beep, but a smooth and wondrous Subway Symphony. In cahoots with Heineken, who is providing James with the backing necessary, it may not be long before we’re whistling the song of the F Train rather than cursing our tawdry existence and sub-standard subway travel.

You can keep checking back here for the progress of the project:

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