GALAXYKAT And Their Emotional Sweethearts

by Joey Pedras (@joeypedras)

The LA founded electro hip-hop duo has released a video for their latest track “Emotional Sweetheart”. The group, comprised of Crystal Friedman, and Jade James, have been releasing tracks under the name since 2013. Most tracks feature hard synth progressions, and deep percussive grooves. Accompanying vocals in the form of catchy choruses, and unique verse flows performed by both members.


With two previously released EPs, and the full-length album, Boss Bitch Paradise. Galaxykat doesn’t lack consistency. Also performing in the live underground music circuit around Los Angeles. Go over, and like their page on Facebook to know when they’ll be performing in your area.

Undoubtedly a subversive force. The inherent, and topical lyrically subject matter is something to be admired. Hitting everything from internet relationships, and pop cultural references to sexual encounters and self-image. A commentary on the life of 20 something’s in LA, and across the country. The duo comes at it with a ferocity, and bluntness that is absolute, and conveyed through the composition of the music itself. Galaxykat has subject accuracy that would make some cry, and compel others to sing along.

All of their music can be listened to through the duo’s Bandcamp site.

Suggested Tracks:

“All Deez Boiz”

“Robert Dinero”

“Psychic Pussy”

Follow GALAXYKAT on Twitter: galaxykatmusic

Check out the new video for “Emotional Sweetheart”

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