Bethesda CAN’T Make Any More Pip-Boys

by Joey Pedras (@joeypedras)

Pete Hines, Bethesda’s marketing VP, told the folks attending Quakecon that the factory making the Pip-Boys reached their absolute production limit. The demand for this special edition replica is just too high to meet what the factory can produce while also satisfying its other customers. Bethesda says they made as many Pip-Boys as they possibly could, but there comes a point where the producers just aren’t able to make anymore. So anyone who ordered one will definitely get theirs. For those of us that weren’t able to get our hands on one, we’ll have to hope we can find some floating around somewhere (most likely for outrageous rates on eBay.)

Don’t fret though, you’ll still be able to use the Fallout 4 app for smartphones despite not having the Pip-Boy. We’d all love to have one, but now what seemed like an awesome reality is slipping back into a simple dweller’s dream. I know you tried, Bethesda. That’s all that matters, right?

(Source: Gamespot)

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