DOCTOR WHO: New Promo Image From “The Magician’s Apprentice”

by Joey Pedras (@joeypedras)

So we all know Doctor Who series 9 will premiere September 19th which is now a little over a month away. Take a look at the image above from the series premiere. We see our 12th Doctor wearing clothes that aren’t particularly his (they’re reminiscent of the 2nd Doctor’s pants.) We see a Dalek in the top left corner seemingly blown to bits by whatever explosion they’re running from. Clara is also seemingly fairly chipper for someone who’s running from a huge explosion, and possibly Daleks. Also, what do you reckon that planet in the top left corner is? It’s easy to say Galifrey, but we’re not so sure. What planet are they stampeding on in this shot? A rocky, red planet that one could understandably assume is Mars (but probably not.) 

Speculate to your heart’s desire. There are an innumerable amounts of things your can theorize about from the explosion, and rocky terrain itself. This could possibly be the event that leads The Doctor to go save Gallifrey in the “Day of The Doctor”? The hardcore Doctor Who fans love to pick apart every frame, and still we get. So please BBC, give us more. A month’s a long time.

(Source: BBC)

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