Jared Leto Says “Goodbye” To THE JOKER

by Joey Pedras (@joeypedras)

The Suicide Squad film recently wrapped filming. Which means all these extraordinary actors have to say goodbye to these extraordinary villains. Jared Leto has been arguably the most vocal about his passion playing the Joker. He posted the picture above to signify the end of green. Now it’ll be a while until we see the movie, but you can’t debate the fact that the cast seems to love what they’re working on. I suppose you couldn’t really know how tuned in actors were in their roles in the days before social media. With all the stories of Leto sending bizarre gifts to his cast mates, and posting all sorts of referential goodness on Twitter, and Instagram. You can say it’s an interesting time when you can get status updates from the new Joker.

Bon voyage, Clown. See you soon.

(Source: Instagram)

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