by Joey Pedras (@joeypedras)

Doctor Who series nine returns exactly one week from today (9/12). Here’s a scene that predates our premiere with The Doctor returning to the planet Karn once more. The last time we saw him on Karn was in the prologue to “The Day of The Doctor” where we saw the Eighth Doctor regenerate into The War Doctor (John Hurt). Here we see them, presumably discussing The Master’s role in The Doctor’s life. What friendship, and enemy actually mean. Also, a very vague prediction exchanged between them. Our Doctor seems to be in grave trouble again (but when isn’t he?) They also exchange this strange disc device. We’re not sure what this disk might be, but we’re very, very curious. Perhaps something from Pompeii where we originally saw Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who? We can’t be certain just yet, but we’re happy to speculate. Perhaps an old heirloom that The Master (Mistress?) and him shared at a time?  Possibly. I’m sure we’ll learn in a week’s time.

If you have any idea what the disc is please feel free to message us at NERD HALL. We’ll be happy to discuss any theories you might have

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