ABC Cancels Agent Carter

Despite positive critical reception and an outcry of love from fans, ABC has chosen to cancel the show. Originally intended to be a limited run, ABC decided to try at a second season for the show after incredible demand. Apparently the show did not pull in the viewership it expected, and has decided to pull the plug. Though ABC is still determined to keep moving along Agents of Shield and the upcoming spinoff, MARVEL’S Most Wanted. So Marvel fans will still have their fair share of heroes on primetime, and of course, Netflix.

As for Hayley Atwell, the show’s lead, she has been recently cast as the lead in the upcoming ABC procedural drama, Conviction. So Marvel fans and Atwell fans will have their fair share of shows on the horizon. Though it’s tough to see another show with a fantastic female lead fall to the waist side. I guess not all is lost, and Conviction is looking to be the next big primetime drama. We’ll have to wait and see, I suppose.

EDIT: ABC has chosen not to move forward with Marvel’s Most Wanted

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