Blair Witch Revealed to be the true nature of ‘The Woods’

Just yesterday at the San Diego Comic-con it was revealed that upcoming horror movie ‘The Woods’ is actually meant to be a sequel to the much loved and highly contended Blair Witch Project that broke the horror movie mold roughly twenty years ago. 

Taking the horror world by storm with it’s subtle found footage style as well as intensely guarded and clever marketing tactics, The Blair Witch Project continues to be unrivaled in the genre it so gracefully defined. 

Now, with Adam Wingard (The Guest, VHS) at the helm, Blair Witch seeks to bring the myth to a new audience promising a terrifying new twist on what found footage is meant to be. 

The story places the brother of Heather Donahue, one of the missing from the first film, and friends back in the woods where a tape is found, hinting that Heather may not be dead after all this time.

This impetus for filming, along with a third act that is purported to turn what we think of as found footage as a genre on its ear, seems to be promising, but cannot be taken without a grain of salt. 

The original, personally, I find untouchable in terms of sheer terror and effectiveness. This sequel has a lot riding on it and though the current reviews are raving, I will hold out on expectations until I can see it for myself.

There is an air of suspicion here, as we have seen time and again that films in the horror genre, at least within the current trend, rely heavily on guerrilla marketing, vague but effective imagery, and countless endorsements. 

If this is to uphold the honor and spirit of The Blair Witch Project and all that it has given birth to in the following years, it will surely be a worthy spectacle. I can’t help but feel a pang of intense doubt within me as time and time again I have been mislead by modern horror. 

Perhaps this time that’s what they want me to think?

Blair Witch comes to theaters on September 16th, you can watch the trailer below.

We’ll keep our eye on any new information that comes to light, stick with Nerd Hall for all things Blair Witch, and of course pop culture, music, news, and the occasional amusement.

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