Pardon Edward Snowden

The window is closing for Edward Snowden, a current ex-patriot due to his actions uncovering and exposing the shady goings-on within the American surveillance program. The NSA, due to Snowden, came under fine-toothed scrutiny for the first time in years, allowing for the better protection of American citizens.

The movement, linked above, seeks to request President Obama’s pardon for Snowden, allowing him to return to the United States as a citizen.

You can learn more about how you can help above, as well as the necessary details as to what else can be done. 

Coincidentally, Snowden, a new film from Oliver Stone, detailing Snowden, his actions and life as person, is premiering tonight in select theaters. The screenings will also include an interview with Stone, as well as Snowden himself, remotely of course, after the feature.

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Pardon Edward Snowden

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