Putting The DEATH STRANDING Trailers Side-By-Side

The newest trailer for the upcoming Hideo Kojima game is stunning, a sight to behold, strange. They’re polar opposites seemingly taking place in two separate worlds. Now we know very little about the actual plot of the game, and are only given new information when a trailer arises. The newest trailer is even more peculiar and surreal than the last. Though savvy viewers of the trailer noticed something strange. The new trailer had a lot of parallels to the first trailer. Two obvious parallels are the use of water and the appearance of these babies. In the the first trailer, a baby vanishes from the arms of a crying Norman Reedus. In the newest trailer, a baby appears suddenly after Guilldermo del Toro plugs a tub into this incubator type device. There are other more subtle parallels, but the babies are definitely the most obvious of the bunch.

Keep your eyes peels for more similarities between the two trailers, and let us know over on Twitter what you find. The game doesn’t have a set release date yet, but we know it will be a PS4 exclusive (at least at launch.)

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