Prank Invasion EXPOSED (What We Knew All Along)

If you’ve ever wandered across the H3H3 Productions channel on YouTube you’ve probably watched a roast of Prank Invasion and it’s host, Chris Monroe. If you haven’t watched Ethan and Hila roast the godawful channel then I’m going to give you a little bit of a rundown:

Prank Invasion is a YouTube channel where the host basically approaches an attractive woman on the street, and “expertly” finds a way to make out and/or grope them. Of course the validity of this channel has been in question since its very conception, but the truth has finally been revealed by model Dayah Dover in an interview with H3H3’s Ethan Klein. Dover was recently featured in the oh so politically correct episode of Prank Invasion entitled “Muslim Edition”. Here, the undeniable host approaches “Muslim” women dressed in very little clothing on the street and asks them for a kiss. Of course, every mediocre proposal is treated to a half a minute make out session. This channel has been running for a very long time now, and the fan base, made mostly of prepubescent boys for sure, is setting a very terrible precedent.

The channel is at little over 2.5 million subscribers, which is troubling on its own. Thankfully with the help of Ethan, Dover was able to come forward and reveal the manipulation behind Prank Invasion. If you have a couple minutes please watch the video featured above. Dover goes into detail about what she went through on the way to being featured on Prank Invasion. From how she was approached on Model Mayhem to the point of the unnerving, undeniably sketchy encounter.

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