American Gods Premiering April 30th

The televised adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods premieres this Sunday on Starz. The best-selling novel follows the story of Shadow Moon, a former convict that’s fallen into the role of bodyguard to the suspicious, and mysterious Mr. Wednesday.

The upcoming television series was helmed and adapted by by Bryan Fuller (Hannibal, Pushing Daisies) and Michael Green with Gaiman as an executive producer. The series is definitely one of the years most hyped. Gaiman is bringing his enthusiastic, loyal fanbase to Starz where the show will premiere April 30th.

The first season will only contain 8 episodes, but Gaiman has planed for two more if the show succeeds. The first season will follow the first third of the novel where as the second will follow the Lakeside section of the novel. Which, for those who have read American Gods knows is a very large, eventful piece of the novel.

The first season episode names are as follows:

  1. The Bone Orchard
  2. The Secret of Spoons
  3. Head Full of Snow
  4. Git Gone
  5. Lemon Scented You
  6. A Murder of Gods
  7. A Prayer for Mad Sweeney
  8. Come to Jesus

Stay tuned to Nerd Hall after the premiere for a complete review, and analysis of the first episode.

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