Cosplay Saturday: Meagan Marie

So here at Nerd Hall, we’re all about supporting all aspects of nerd culture. We feel it’s as good a time as ever to celebrate one of the greatest parts of nerd culture in 2017: cosplayers. Every other Saturday will be dedicated to celebrating some of our favorite cosplayers throughout the world.

Today we’re starting with cosplay phenom, Meagan Marie. The first time I discovered Meagan was through my obsession with the Portal series. This was a couple of years ago, and I’m sure I was searching the internet for anything and everything Portal and happened upon this image of Meagan which I thought was absolutely fantastic:

Meagan has a seemingly endless gallery of fantastic cosplays from Amy Pond (Doctor Who) to Laura Croft (Tomb Raider) to Black Canary (Green Arrow) and so, so many others. Meagan, while also being an outstanding cosplayer, is also a writer and the senior community manager at Crystal Dynamics (developer of Tomb Raider.)

To see more of Meagan Marie’s cosplay follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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