Stranger Things Goes To The Mall


Ever miss the days of Sam Goody, Waldenbooks, Zales, Radio Shack and…The Gap? Well we hope your nostalgia fix hasn’t been satiated just yet. It seems like in the next installment of Stranger Things we’re going to be seeing the gang spend a good amount of time in the new Starcourt Mall! Now not only does Starcourt sport the finest retail stores in all of the United States, but it is also home to a world class foodcourt! Where you can even get a scoop of ice cream from the good guy next store, Steve Harrington.


But it all seriousness, our suspicion is that the Starcourt mall isn’t all that it seems (of course.) While it may seem like the hip new place for all the kids to hangout it just might as well be the best hangout for Upside Down dwellers. We have a feeling the folks over at Starcourt Industries might have something up their sleeves. It’s obviously too soon to say, but keep your ears and eyes open for more Stranger Things news sure to come out of this year’s San Diego Comic Con.


Watch the new mall promo below!

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