New Teaser Trailer For Steve Carell’s SPACE FORCE Drops

So you’re through with your sixth watch through of The Office since this quarantine began. You think to yourself? “Hmm, what can I possibly watch now. What else is there?” And while you’re debating on watching something new you know the back of your head is telling you to start The Office for the seventh time this quarantine season. Well, I have good news for you. Space Force might be just the thing you need to break you out of that infinite loop. We have Steve Carrell playing General Mark R. Nair playing a very reluctant military general being brought on to develop a successful Space Force. Along with him you have a cast full of some other film and TV darlings such as Ben Schwartz (Parks & Rec), John Malkovich (Bird Box), Fred Willard (Best In Show), and a bunch more recognizable faces.

The series was developed and created by Carrel, and Greg Daniels (The Simpsons, The Office, Parks & Rec), and is being executive produces by another The Office alum, Howard Klein.

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