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Trogdor!! The Board Game Coming to a Table Top Nearest You


The Brothers Chaps (Homestar Runner) and James Ernest (Cheapass Games) have come together via Kickstarter (FULLY FUNDED 7/17/18) to present:

Trogdor!! The Board Game

Now, through the magic of giving someone your money, you will be able to play as Keepers of Trogdor, dedicated to helping in full decimation of all peasants, land and thatched huts. Trogdor will burninate the entire village, but only with your help.

The base level donation gets you a pretty sweet board, box and painted  wooden meeples. (Sooo cool!)

The next donation level up gets you the same game, in addition to the meeples, you will be granted plastic minis in full colored detail!

At the Wyrmwood Beefy Tier you get a wyrmwood board, the entire contents of the game, including the fully detailed plastic minis! 

At the Wyrmwood Consummate level you get everything above plus a stylish but lazy susan on which to play the very game you’re backing!

Pretty fancy stuff, with more to come as stretch-goals are met.

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David Firth shows us the dangerous wonders of “Cream”


Mixed-media artist David Firth (@DAVID_FIRTH) perhaps most well known for his bizarre, unsettling yet endearing “Salad Fingers” series is still at it and taking the strange to new, chilling heights. His latest released project, a short animated film entitled “Cream”.

The short is animated in a style that will be familiar to fans of Firth’s previous works, but it has taken on a starkly realistic quality, utilizing actual faces, natural textures and drab yet shocking color to truly drive home an atmosphere of strange normalcy. We are first introduced to a new miracle product, a cream, branded as Cream, that appears to be limitless in it’s uses. Cream cures acne, it can cure all ailments major and minor, it can regrow your lawn, it can even (when injected directly into the brain) increase your I.Q.

Our main character, Dr. Bellifer, has struck gold and watches as his invention soars in popularity and cosmic power. There is no stopping Cream. Cream becomes so much more than was originally intended, much to the chagrin of the good doctor. Go on and see for yourself what horrible wonders Cream can commit.


David Firth is a master of his craft, distorting reality with enough finesse to disturb yet equally draw one into his underlying message. Though the meaning may seem as clear as the blemish on one’s face (there’s a Cream for that.), we are privy to a multi-layered commentary on consumption, medicine, advertising, the ever present menace that can be the media and even our own personal connection to the world outside. Whether intended or not, Firth has command of imagery and dialogue, that when married together generates the reflective surface we so often forget to peer into when making purchases, large and small decisions and most importantly what we put our trust and faith into. Who can we truly say has our best interest at heart?

There is much to be gleaned from this twelve minute meditation on the human condition and how each of us can be manipulated into any reaction given the right circumstance, only to be led back into the fold for another go around.

I can only hope we will see more from Mr. Firth in the very near future, as he continues to terrify, sicken and delight me in good measure.

You can watch ‘Cream’ and many of his other polarizing projects on David’s YouTube Channel here:

Prank Invasion EXPOSED (What We Knew All Along)

If you’ve ever wandered across the H3H3 Productions channel on YouTube you’ve probably watched a roast of Prank Invasion and it’s host, Chris Monroe. If you haven’t watched Ethan and Hila roast the godawful channel then I’m going to give you a little bit of a rundown:

Prank Invasion is a YouTube channel where the host basically approaches an attractive woman on the street, and “expertly” finds a way to make out and/or grope them. Of course the validity of this channel has been in question since its very conception, but the truth has finally been revealed by model Dayah Dover in an interview with H3H3’s Ethan Klein. Dover was recently featured in the oh so politically correct episode of Prank Invasion entitled “Muslim Edition”. Here, the undeniable host approaches “Muslim” women dressed in very little clothing on the street and asks them for a kiss. Of course, every mediocre proposal is treated to a half a minute make out session. This channel has been running for a very long time now, and the fan base, made mostly of prepubescent boys for sure, is setting a very terrible precedent.

The channel is at little over 2.5 million subscribers, which is troubling on its own. Thankfully with the help of Ethan, Dover was able to come forward and reveal the manipulation behind Prank Invasion. If you have a couple minutes please watch the video featured above. Dover goes into detail about what she went through on the way to being featured on Prank Invasion. From how she was approached on Model Mayhem to the point of the unnerving, undeniably sketchy encounter.