RUMOR: Event That Lead To The 12th Doctor Cameo In “The Day Of The Doctor” This Season

by Joey Pedras (@joeypedras)

There are rumors going around that we might get to see how the 12th doctor came to be in “The Day Of The Doctor”. The unexpected scene that made us all yelp with joy. The phrase that some of us repeated time, and time again, “No, sir. All thirteen!” This was our first look at the fabulous 12th doctor (attack eyebrows and all.) Who communicated with him? How did he know where to be, and when? Will we see (or hear) any cameos from previous doctors?

Capaldi spoke to Blastr about this particular scene:

“Well you know, it’s really hard. Right at this moment, I’m here at Comic-Con, but I’m actually in the
middle of filming episode 11, which is part of the finale of this
season. So I know stuff that is unfolding in episode 11, and I know certain
things that are happening in episode 12. I haven’t read episode 12, so I
don’t know exactly what’s going on there, but in answer to your
question…you’ll have to wait and see.“

So I feel a safe bet might be yes, we will see something that lead to those events. We’re not sure how long Capaldi will stay on as The Doctor so it makes sense to work that in sooner than later. You can be sure that the finale is going to be very full of doctory goodness. Going to have until September 19th to see how it all begins.

(Source: Blastr)


by Joey Pedras (@joeypedras)

Empire has released never before seen photos from the set of Batman V Superman. Here we get a handful of really dramatic shots of Batman and Superman (note iconic curl in second to last shot.) We also get a shot of Zach Snyder directing Ben Affleck (or Batman, excuse me.) Also, Lex Luthor looking like the head of a really trendy new tech startup ready to launch. Gal Gadot looking very inquisitive, and classy. It’s still unclear what kind of Wonder Woman she’s going to portray. Though she’s giving off some super spy vibes in this photo. Also, it goes without saying that Ben, and Henry look like they just walked off the set of Mad Men in the cover photo.

Every so often it seems that we’re gifted with gems like these from the set. Hopefully we’ll be able to get some hi-res versions soon so we’ll be able to use them as our phone wallpaper, and desktop backgrounds. Who wouldn’t want the worlds finest looking back at them all broody-like?


The Future is a Plethora of Strange Caviar

by Anthony Wetmore (TheMisterPipes, GhostConch)

Say hello to the Imperial Spherificator, your newest absolutely unnecessary must have kitchen appliance. What is this strange technology? Why am I drawn to it’s sleek curves and bright blue light? I will tell you! The Imperical Spherificator will change the way you play with your food. Imagine garnishing a roast lamb with a cool mint jelly caviar, topping your favorite ice cream with your other favorite ice cream, or even a refreshing fruit flavored mix in for your morning yogurt? Sounds too good to be true, but this device promises just that, as quoted here:

“any food that can be liquefied and blended, mixes it with a bit of sodium alginate and then ejects drops of it into a calcium chloride. …the reaction creates a thin membrane that encases the liquid in a gelatinous sphere. …texture like caviar, or if you use dairy and freeze…[like] Dippin’ Dots.”

The Imperial Sphereificator is still in it’s funding stage over at Kickstarter but they’re getting very close. 

More information can be found here on concept, production and donations:

[Image courtesy of , quote:]

Would You Kindly Buy These?

by Anthony Wetmore (@TheMisterPipes, GhostConch)

Coming soon from toy giant Funko are cutesy versions of your favorite terrifying aquatic guardians from the depths. Funko Pop! has ventured to Rapture making a quick stop at Columbia to bring back some familiar Bioshock faces for addition to their ever growing figure line. The figures being released are pictured above. We’ll get softened versions of a Big Daddy, Little Sister, two differently stylised versions of Booker DeWitt (with Skyhook and with Shotgun) and of course Elizabeth.

Sweet and bug-eyed like the rest of the series as we’ve come to know and love them, they should be coming out hopefully for the fall season. 

The additional Songbird Funko Pop figure has a definite release date of October 15, 2015, it can be pre-ordered via Gamestop now here: and picked up on the release date at Gamestop locations.

Excited? We all are, just promise me two things: You’ll think twice about harvesting the Little Sisters for ADAM and you watch out for those drills.

SHERLOCK Funko Pop Vinyls Coming This October

by Joey Pedras (@joeypedras)

About time, am I right? We’ll finally be able to get out hands on our favorite high functioning sociopath in Funko form. Along with Dr. Watson, Irene Adler, and Mr. Jim “Did-You-Miss-Me?” Moriarty himself.

You can already preorder the figures for $9.99 over at

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