House of Leaves Pilot Script Teases New Ways to Warp Storytelling

Having as high a regard and reverence as the novel, House of Leaves has, it would seem eminent that television would try and swallow it whole, regurgitating some vague semblance of the experience so many of us have, and still are going on. Mark Z. Danielewski is having none of that. A short month ago, first in… Read More House of Leaves Pilot Script Teases New Ways to Warp Storytelling

Going To Hogwarts Costs Nothing At All by Joey Pedras (@joeypedras) Ever see one of those charts where they try to determine how much a semester at Hogwarts would cost? Well throw that information all out the window. Recently JK Rowling responded to a tweet asking the question of tuition costs. She said, “There’s no… Read More

Nerd Hall Book Look: Are You Zone Ready?? by Anthony Wetmore (@TheMisterPipes, GhostConch) Are you definitely a man? Are you not achieving everything you think you could be in life? Do things feel empty and without meaning? Then Tim & Eric’s ZONE THEORY: 7 Easy Steps to Achieve a Perfect Life might be the program… Read More

Goosebumps Movie Poster: First Look by Anthony Wetmore (@TheMisterPipes, GhostConch) Karru Marri Odonna Loma Molonu Karrano.  You and I are one now, in anticipation of this movie. If you’re familiar at all with YA horror fiction, you’re certainly aware of the mammoth series penned by R.L. Stine (@RL_Stine), a legend of the lost legend in… Read More