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Half-awake Track Review No One Needs

by Anthony Wetmore
(GhostConch, @TheMisterPipes)

Do you ever just wake up in the middle of the night almost all
the way but not quite enough to get hit with the hard facts of your general
known reality? Of course you do. Rarely do you remember the contents of those
small moments in the darkness where you may finally figure out how to put
together that over-complicated furniture, rework the last few pages of your
certainly award-worthy book, or perhaps where you left your retainer in fourth
grade. I’m rambling, but you understand what I am saying.

Early this morning for no
reason at all the song “Foxtrot
Uniform Charlie Kilo”
the barely remembered Bloodhound
rolling around in my head, and with it, an epiphany of small scale struck me.

With it’s quick and brightly colored beat and seemingly stream
of consciousness flow of nonsense words, the song is fairly innocuous on the
surface. Just under that shiny surface we are privy to an array of fun and
amusing word-pairings that are not traditionally innuendo turned on it’s ear to
a suggestion of bluer intent. Each pairing more ridiculous and perhaps more
obvious than the last paints a broad picture of what else but sex.

A few noted examples:

“Batter dip the cranny ax
In the gut locker”

“Marinate the nether rod
In the squish mitten”

Of course it goes on from there with more abstract imagery for
intercourse and the culmination of the intentions with the catchy and
not-so-subtle hook found in the songs title. Foxtrot, uniform, charlie, kilo
(F.U.C.K. for those uninitiated.) not only gives us the genesis of the song,
but also another double entendre in it’s use of the coded alphabet suited
usually to military purposes. That in itself seemed superiorly (not a word)
profound to the very half awake mind I inhabited at the time.  

Jimmy Pop you brilliant sonofabitch, get out of my
half-made consciousness and stay out. I do not know if we learned anything at
all here today, perhaps that wasn’t the point of this, maybe it’s more along
the lines of strange memory and my general interest in the way we use words to
form ideas and opinions as well as playing with the sounds and colors of
meaning to define, deal with, or effect the world around us. I should probably
stop carrying on now, I don’t want to beat around the bush. (See what I did

You can listen to the song above and see if you agree with what I’ve found in the between world of sleep and wakefulness considering this dumb song about fucking.

Hefty Fine, the album the song is featured on came out ten years ago and no one cares any more, find it on amazon? Don’t? 

Whatever you decide to do, stop reading this and keep checking back with Nerd Hall for more inane thought-pieces, pop culture news, reviews and so so much more. We’re also on the twitter: @nerdhallblog

Thank you, I’m sorry.

The Return of Rick and Morty

by Anthony Wetmore (@TheMisterPipes, GhostConch)

Last night saw the return of the polarizing Rick and Morty, the warped science fiction themed cartoon from the minds of Justin Roiland (House of Cosbys, Channel 101) and Dan Harmon (Community, Harmontown). Rick and Morty premiered it’s second season on alt. comedy channel Adult Swim with an episode that defies standards and promises an even better second run. 

The strange dynamic we see between Morty Smith and his alcoholic, narcissistic, devil may care scientist Rick Sanchez is challenged once again as chaos ensues in a way only they could manufacture. From the first few minutes, we’re at a standstill. Time has been stopped to clean and fix the house in order to keep peace within the Smith household. Only when time begins again does the problem arise, of course. As time begins to literally fracture and split, creating first two realities, then four, then eight… Rick and Morty along with sister Summer must try to set things right.

I don’t want to give away too much more, as the episode is a true spectacle in terms of animation, concept, and depth. In this return to prime time, we see not only another wacky, crude adventure punctuated by Rick’s belching and Morty’s incessant nervous whining. There is also a redefining of the relationship between the two titular characters through the strangeness. Despite irrefutable mathematical evidence that Morty and Summer are actual, literal shit, Rick finds himself deeply incensed to both, grandfatherly love projected through a broken prism to rain down on Morty.

The clear Doc Brown/Marty McFly parallel is ever present but consistently takes a backseat to deeper, more clearly defined unique characters. Going back to the future is nothing at all for these two, neither is changing the present. Whether or not Rick and Morty becomes the next mammoth adult-oriented cartoon to take television by storm remains to be seen, if it doesn’t,  the outlandish approach to long-standing conventions will remain a legend spoken of in hushed tones in the hallowed halls of cartoon reverence.

Rick and Morty airs on [adult swim] on Sundays at 10 PM 

[Image courtesy of: www.idigitaltimes.com]

Nerd Hall Book Look: Are You Zone Ready??

by Anthony Wetmore (@TheMisterPipes, GhostConch)

Are you definitely a man? Are you not achieving everything you think you could be in life? Do things feel empty and without meaning? Then Tim & Eric’s ZONE THEORY: 7 Easy Steps to Achieve a Perfect Life might be the program you need. 

Now available to the public for the very first time, a book of revelations from the world-renowned discomfort comedy duo Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim has come in a great time of need. With Tim and Eric’s ZONE THEORY™ you will be able to find a meaning and function to your weird aimless life. Through a series of simple exercises, guided meditations and helpful charts and graphs, you too can reach Zone Plane 8, ultimate happiness and complete contentment.

Throughout the soon to be sacred and coveted tome, one will find the usual uncomfortable gross-out visual gags, off-putting product placement, strange nonsense language, wordplay, awkward vagrant models, and what would a Tim and Eric project be without heavy-handed strangely homoerotic dad humor, strange invasive technology, all through the prism of a new way of living. If you have any inkling who these beings are, you’ll get exactly what you’ve come to expect from ‘Awesome Show!’,’Tom Goes To the Mayor’ and more recently ‘Bedtime Stories’

Taking on themes they’ve approached endlessly and repackaging it in the book medium with a new twist is something I’m surprised they haven’t done before. The obvious broad and then more subtle jabs at Scientology, faith, and a roundabout self-examination of their own cult-type fan-base all present themselves clearly and beautifully in this full-colored, hardcover roughly 300 page book from Grand Central Publishing.

I am already well on my way in my personal journey to a perfect life (currently riding on Zone Plane 2). I could not recommend this book enough. Do yourself a favor and BUY THIS BOOK. Fan or not, YOU NEED HELP WITH YOUR WORTHLESS LIFE. ZONE THEORY™ is here FOR YOU.

[Photo courtesy of: brooklynvegan.com]

Comedy Bang! Bang! Returns Tonight with Kid Cudi!

by Anthony Wetmore (@TheMisterPipes, GhostConch)

Heynong Man! Great news and greater news! Not only does alt. comedy mammoth Comedy Bang! Bang! (the TV show, not the podcast) returns tonight to continue it’s tour-de-force fourth season on the IFC Network, your host boy with the most toys Crop Topperman (Scott Aukerman) is bringing along his new co-host (perhaps new best friend?) Kid Cudi! Cudi comes as a fresh face to the CBB home as a replacement for the recently departed (from the show!) Reggie Watts

While we may never know why president Obama was determined to dissect Reggie’s penis, and we may miss his wild beats and compelling guest questions, we shouldn’t be anything but ridiculously excited to see what weathered rapper Kid Cudi brings to the desk (where he sits!). 

I can only assume witty repartee, some sick ass beats and all other ranges of goofiness. Having seen Cudi’s appearance as a guest on the show I can earnestly say I see him fitting in just fine in the twisted CBB landscape.

Tonight at tune-in and drop onto that couch around 10:30 PM (EASTERN TIME) to catch Comedy Bang! Bang! with guest Michael Cera after an all new Maron!

[Photo courtesy of: IFC.com]

Small Roles, Huge Heart

by Anthony Wetmore (@TheMisterPipes, GhostConch)

Do you enjoy films? Of course you do. Do you also enjoy candid interviews and insider stories behind famous scenes in iconic and well known films? Are you into spoonerisms and a stray Dire Straits reference rambling ads interlaced with carefully selected mews from the fattest cat to ever live? Are you not a fan of editing?

I Was There Too a Wolfpop (@Wolfpopnetwork) production, just might be the podcast you’re looking for. Forged by Superego veteran Matt Gourley[@MattGourley] (Superego, Drunk History) from the fond memories and highly regarded bevy of films a great many of us hold dear and close to our exposed beating hearts, I Was There Too is all things a podcast about film should be.

Relying only on his undeniable charm, personal relations and listener connections, Gourley culls his guests carefully from a pool of folks not necessarily in the lead. Talking to folks like Greg Proops about his stint as Fode, one half of a pod-race announcer in The Phantom Menace, Eileen Dietz and her portrayal of the demon Pazuzu aka Captain Howdy in The Exorcist, Stephen Toblowsky as Ned Ryerson, annoying insurance salesman in Groundhog Day, even the passengers aboard bus 2525 from the high tension public transportation classic Speed.

All of this is intertwined with the wit and charisma pouring exceedingly from Gourley. Both intrepid host and excited fanboy shine through in these sometimes hour long conversations as well as delightful sub-segments such as I Was There Tune (the dreaded liquid ‘U’ please) or I Was There Mew featuring Matt’s cat Margaux The Fat Guy talking about her various exploits dodging a load of endearing insults and jabs.

If any of that sounds like anything you’d like to hear the sounds of, you should give I Was There Too a look, listen and a click. Maybe not in that order.

Check out these episodes for a sample of the magic:

Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace with Greg Proops:


The Exorcist with Eileen Dietz: