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Title Of Solo Batman Movie Revealed (Sort Of)


Earlier today in an interview with Associated Press, Affleck revealed that the name of the upcoming Batman film will be appropriately titled, The Batman. He also mentions that this is the title they’re going with “for now” so it’s possible that it will change at some point in the future.

Affleck also mentions that the script writing process is going really well, and we’ll be updated as the process moves forward.

What do you think of The Batman as the title for the upcoming solo film? Too basic or does it say all it needs to? Let us know!

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Batffleck Gets A New Batsuit

Zach Snyder tweeted this photo from the set of Justice League. Today is also the last day of filming for the upcoming movie which means we got a shot of this new tactical batsuit. Seems a little more rigid, a little more ready for a firefight. The former batsuit was much more practical for easier movement and hiding in the shadows. This suit is clearly preparation for what one could assume will be a serious beatdown. Steppenwolf perhaps? Time will tell.

Justice League is set for release November 17, 2017

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Joe Manganiello Will Play Deathstroke In Upcoming Batman Solo Movie

About two weeks ago, Ben Affleck released a short video via his Facebook and Twitter featuring Deathstroke. As you might imagine, the internet began to speculate and theorize about who might be behind the orange and black mask. Many theorists actually hit the nail on the head. It’s official that Joe Manganiello will be playing villain, mercenary and assassin, Deathstroke.  

We think this is perfect casting, and has been a fan favorite since the discussion began. What do you think of Joe Manganiello playing the supervillain, Deathstroke? Let us know!

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We’re finally getting a glimpse of 2017′s Wonder Woman film featuring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine. In this trailer we get a glimpse of

(home of the Amazons) and mother of Diana,
Queen Hippolyta. This is going to be the first time we see a standalone Wonder Woman film in decades, and from the look of it, it’s shaping up to be a real hit out of the park. Time will only tell if Wonder Woman is truly something to be marveled, but we have a good feeling DC fans won’t be let down.

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The Flintstones Comic Book Now Available

Here’s a short trailer for DC Comics’ new Flintstones comic book series that you can now find in a comic book store near you. Essentially they’ve brought the family into the 21st century…sort of? Watch the trailer and you’ll see what we mean.

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