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E3 2017: Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Details

8:30 PM EST – E3 is in full swing, currently WB Games is streaming new gameplay from the highly anticipated Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. The sequel to the 2014 games takes place in between The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring (for context.) The game reintroduces mechanics very similar to Shadow of Mordor, and improves on them. Not only this, but their hierarchy system has received a huge upgrade, and may be the best new feature of the game completely.

The new mechanic allows orc commanders to expand, and strengthen their army with every victory called “The Nemesis System”. Not only that, but each orc commander will be able to team up with other orc commanders making their army stronger, and much more difficult to defeat. Additionally, these orc commanders will bring special traits to their armies. These Legendary orc commanders will inhabit their own unique lairs which will come with their own set of challenges.

Shadow of Mordor seems to bring the compelling, addictive gameplay from Shadow of War and amplifies it. The battles are bigger, the enemies more grotesque, and the stakes that much higher. Sauron’s army seems like it has gained greater hold of the land, and those of us familiar will the books and films know how it all plays out. Nonetheless, Talion’s story is one that’s as compelling and as immersive as the films and books themselves.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is set to be released October 10th, 2017

Friday The 13th: The Game Gameplay

This game has been on our radar for quite some time now. We’ve finally got some brutal gameplay footage from Friday The 13th. We get to see through the eyes (and a glimpse into the mind) of Jason. As well as play as several of his inevitable victims.

As Jason you track down your victims using your “psycho sight” to see through buildings and trees. While the victims have a chance to deter him using objects throughout their environment.

We can’t wait to hear/see more from Friday The 13th. It might be shaping up to be something pretty unique.

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E3 Kicks Off In LA

2016’s E3 convention officially kicked off in LA today. Attendees
not only have an abundance of flashy setups to look at, but countless game
demos to get their hands on as well. In the South Hall, 2K games went all-out
on their New Orleans-inspired Mafia III setup which includes fortune tellers,
and even a live band. In addition, Final Fantasy brought along a giant Chocobo
that fans can actually ride.

Indie fans should make time to stop by IndieCade and check
out demos for 1979 Revolution Black Friday, Run or Die, and even a board game
inspired by Escape The Room! Whether you’re looking to check out Watch Dogs 2,
The Legend of Zelda, or even amazing indie content like Abzu and Beat Cop,
there’s no shortage of things to do at this year’s E3.

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New Star Wars Content

Group manager of Motive Studios and Visceral Studios, Jade
Ramond, discussed plans for adding new content to Star Wars: Galactic Heroes,
Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Star Wars: Battlefront at E3 2016. EA DICE and
Motive Studios are collaborating to release a new installment of Star Wars:
Battlefront in 2017, which will include content taken straight from the new
film trilogy. In addition, Ramond announced that Visceral Studios is hard at
work on a new Star Wars action-adventure game set to be released in 2018.

Star Wars fans certainly have a lot to look forward to!

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E3 2016: God Of War Gameplay Trailer

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