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Justice League Run Time Revealed?

Sources are reporting that the upcoming Justice League movie is coming in at a run time shorter than all the previous DCEU films. After months of back-and-forth, and a wealth of unreliable, seemingly random times we might have finally gotten the final run time. AMC and Regal are reporting that the movie (credits and all) is going to be screen with a run time of 121 minutes or just over two hours.

As most of us know, this film has had it’s own fair share of issues since pre-production. So a film that was initially set to be near or over three hours is now just over two. Some optimistic fans think this “shorter” version will be a lot more concise and compact, and will be a much better movie as a result. Others think this shorter run time is the result of production issues and other personal issues with those working on set is the reason for the shorter time.

What do you think of the shorter run time? Better for the film or very concerning?

Here’s The Latest JUSTICE LEAGUE Poster

Zach Snyder recently shared this brand, spanking new poster for Justice League via his Twitter.


and for good measure, here’s Henry Cavill wearing Christopher Reeve’s iconic Superman suit:



by Joey Pedras (@joeypedras)

Empire has released never before seen photos from the set of Batman V Superman. Here we get a handful of really dramatic shots of Batman and Superman (note iconic curl in second to last shot.) We also get a shot of Zach Snyder directing Ben Affleck (or Batman, excuse me.) Also, Lex Luthor looking like the head of a really trendy new tech startup ready to launch. Gal Gadot looking very inquisitive, and classy. It’s still unclear what kind of Wonder Woman she’s going to portray. Though she’s giving off some super spy vibes in this photo. Also, it goes without saying that Ben, and Henry look like they just walked off the set of Mad Men in the cover photo.

Every so often it seems that we’re gifted with gems like these from the set. Hopefully we’ll be able to get some hi-res versions soon so we’ll be able to use them as our phone wallpaper, and desktop backgrounds. Who wouldn’t want the worlds finest looking back at them all broody-like?

(Source: Comingsoon.net)