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Going Sane in a World Gone Crazy

The Tick is back, finally. After a stint as a mascot, spanning comics, different television iterations, both live action and animated, we have a new take on a perhaps forgotten favorite hero. Amazon Prime has graciously given us a taste of what could become a brilliant new addition to the current trend of superhero-centric television. Peter Serafinowicz (Shaun of the Dead, Star Wars: Episode 1) is The Tick made flesh and rubber. Peppering his performance with touches of Adam West as well as his own brand of slick delivery of dry wit and obtuse similes. Found through the eyes of Arthur Everest,  as played by Griffin Newman (Vinyl, Cop Show), we join our new Tick as he scopes out shady dealings and the possible return of an old nemesis. 

This pilot really captures the feeling of what makes The Tick a stellar choice for a revival. 

Have you seen Amazon’s The Tick? Let us know if you’re as excited as we are to see more of this version? Do you also feel warm like the inside of bread? Get into bread with us.

More importantly, if you have seen it, please take the survey found at amazon.com/pilotseason to let them know you want more Tick in your life. We certainly do.

Stick to Nerd Hall for all things Tick, as well as the usual pop culture, comics, movies and music news you’re used to.

New ‘Fallout 4′ Apparel from Bethesda

by Anthony Wetmore (@TheMisterPipes, GhostConch)

Early this morning I received something you might call an electronic-mail from the Bethesda store. They’ve released four new ‘Fallout 4′ t-shirts in hot anticipation of the game’s release date later this Fall  [November 10, 2015].

The shirts featured come in both men’s and women’s sizes and four different styles. 

The first depicts the blast door to Vault 111 in beautiful and familiar bright yellow and that rich, cool blue. 

The next is a Heather Grey shirt sporting the Galaxy News Network (GNN) logo in simple black and white across the left breast. 

The third is a striking red t sporting the Red Rocket fuel company logo in clean and smooth detail.

The last is probably my favorite of the lot, sporting a ‘Thirst Zapper’ ad for Nuka Cola. The ad features a classic 1950′s style woman dressed in an altered space suit wielding a Nuka Cola ray-gun.

I personally would be snatching these up as soon as possible, we’re going to need clothing in the coming aftermath of the nuclear war. 

You can stock up over at store.bethsoft.com

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SEM Project: Day 2

Sustainability Challenge: Garbage and Tiny Houses

Updates on intended goals for the challenge, vital information on trash, plastics and the new trend of tiny houses that may help the Earth remain inhabitable. 

Listen and learn! 

More information here:



Track Review: Alice Glass – Stillbirth

by Anthony Wetmore (@TheMisterPipes, GhostConch)

Coming off the settling dust that was the tumultuous departure from the polarizing Crystal Castles, Alice Glass (@ALICEGLASS) is back: pissed and full of glowing hope. Perhaps drawing from her experience with the break, as well as another turbulent and damaging personal relationship, the first proper single from Glass came yesterday via her website and soundcloud. With it, a deeply personal story depicting Alice’s struggle and eventually severance from an abusive relationship she is finally happy to be rid of. Not only is this a self-affirming single, it is also a rally cry for those suffering in similar, often silent situations to seek help and fight for a better tomorrow. An empowering and pure statement that is paired with an equally pure track ‘Stillbirth’

Those familiar with Alice’s work will be drawn in with an immediate harshness that has not left her music stylings. Loud sliding distorted samples bring us into the bright darkness Alice has created with a transition into blasts of noise and Glass screaming in the middle of this aural assault that she’s “waiting, waiting, waiting for you to die”. An impassioned request coming from a search for freedom and destruction of the old tortures she’s been subjected to. Mirrored by the blown out beat that plods on methodically but not without depth and speed making this anthem not only dance worthy, but a phoenix cry, a mission statement of rebirth and renewal. In a quieter moment, reminiscent of ‘Celestica’ and ‘Not In Love’, Glass gives us her mantra for a new era:

“I want to feel like a wasted case,
I want to feel like a waste of space,
I want to start again
I want to start again…”

There is no question here, Glass is done and over it, looking for a fresh start amid the rubble of what she has made worthless by her powerful, finally evicted hands. This new leaf overturned, or crushed under the heel of her boot is paving the way for a very interesting first release, as of now unconfirmed. 

Though fast and violent with a silent touch, this track makes me feel as though I too should find a new path. Truly inspiring and invigorating, I wait with baited breath to see what comes next.

Alice even teases another song to accompany this one at the end of her note: “There is a sister song to Stillbirth that I hope to release soon, she is a lullaby and she can’t wait to meet you.”

Sing me to sleep Ms. Glass.

All proceeds of any purchase of the single will benefit non-profit organisations like RAINN which helps victims of domestic abuse, sexual violence and incest.

The track was produced and co-written by Jupiter Keyes and released without a label.

You can listen to the track here: https://soundcloud.com/aliceglasss/stillbirth

or on alice-glass.com, where it is also available for purchase.

Donations can be made directly to RAINN here: https://donate.rainn.org as well as Alice’s own website.

[Photo and quote courtesy of: alice-glass.com]

Nintendo News

Nerd Hall would like to take a moment to honor the memory of Satoru Iwata who passed July 11th of this year, he was 55. Our hearts go out to his family, Nintendo and a joyful thank you to Mr. Iawata.

Anthony Wetmore