Suicide Squad – Extended Cut to be Released Zack Snyder’s Suicide Squad, the stumbling hulk of a successful anti-hero film starring Margot Robbie, Will Smith, and Jared Leto (sort of) has just released a short trailer announcing an extended cut with 13 minutes of additional footage to further flesh out the story that was hacked apart… Read More

Very Sorry to Have to Announce Lemony Snicket’s ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ has finally gotten a release date. Read no further if you’re in a happy mood, dear Nerd Hall fans, as there is nothing good to come from reading this article.  The Netflix adaptation of the fiercly popular young adult book series has finally… Read More

The French Fries Have A Plan: Go Blonde Kanye West, enigma of a man, Hip-Hop Monolith for some, future President? has always been on the outlandish side of life, to the benefit of art and music, depending on how you feel about him as a whole. Finally though, he may be speaking sanely for the… Read More

Comedy Bang! Bang! Bye…Bye? What’s up, hot dog? Yesterday came with the news that the IFC @ifc network has chosen not move forward beyond the soon to be finished fifth and final season of beloved self-proclaimed TV’s first talk show, Comedy Bang! Bang! Helmed by alt-comedy titan Scott Aukerman @scottaukerman, spinning off his podcast of the… Read More

Going Sane in a World Gone Crazy The Tick is back, finally. After a stint as a mascot, spanning comics, different television iterations, both live action and animated, we have a new take on a perhaps forgotten favorite hero. Amazon Prime has graciously given us a taste of what could become a brilliant new addition… Read More