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Channel Zero Has Opened ‘The Dream Door’



Nick Antosca is tuning us into Channel Zero a little earlier than expected. The fourth season of this under-current SyFy hit is opening ‘The Dream Door’ with its first episode premiering online ahead of the full October 26th release.

Based again on a well known Creepypasta, this time it’s “I found a hidden door…” by Charlotte Bywater. The story as written details the strange discovery of a previously unnoticed door in the basement of a house where a married couple had been living for the last 5 years.

Upon further investigation, they release someone, something, into the world and are left with the notion that it was a grave mistake.

Evidence of strange symbols and dried blood only reinforce the unease the door has brought.

In his usual fashion, Antosca has taken the germ of the story and bred it out into what is sure to be a beautifully horrifying experience.

Tom and Jillian, newly married life long friends, move into Tom’s childhood home after many years of being away.

Renovations, new house sex, a new dog, and friendly gatherings are frozen at the appearance of a door in their basement, seemingly from nowhere.

Tensions rise as secrets are uncovered.

Jillian feels the pressure of Tom’s strange behavior and odd phone calls to a mysterious woman.

Tom reassures his wife, with a certain edge, that nothing is amiss and she is simply projecting unrequited anger she holds for her similarly unfaithful father.

The “Dream Door”, once opened, lets loose a strange entity, taken the form of “Pretzel Jack”, an imaginary friend Jillian birthed as a child through drawings.

Pretzel Jack is not imaginary. Pretzel Jack is no friend.

The first episode,  “Ashes On My Pillow”, available now on Syfy.com, unpacks a lot into the old house and leaves much room for even more to be discovered.

Though we will have to wait a little while longer to see what else lurks in the basement of suspicious minds, I for one cannot wait to open the door just a little further.

Channel Zero: The Dream Door, releases all six installments on October 26th through SyFy.com.


Don’t You Hate Bank Fees?

By Anthony Wetmore (@TheMisterPipes, GhostConch)

Something a little different for Monday afternoon: Sheer Terror.

You know that sinking feeling you get when walking past a bank. Walking into your own is enough to send you into a fury of snot and spittle, rendered useless until you can find the nearest teddy-bear stand. They may cause grief, but of course they’re here to stay.

Stage one: Crying All The Time.

Does this look familiar? You’ve just left a halfway decent dinner party with Cheryl, your sort of new girlfriend, and suddenly you get a text: Hey! We just charged you nearly double for those drinks you chose to charge, you fancy bastard. “Oh no,” you think to yourself, “I’m about to lose it in front of my very new Cheryl girlfriend.” You try your damnedest to keep it together, but you cannot. It’s too late. Waterworks. You think she’ll ask what’s wrong, but instead she spies your phone screen and she’s off to the races too, both of you inconsolable wrecks. Cool sun-glasses and bucket hat are uncomfortable, but offer awkward glances, unsure how to interact with human people correctly.

Stage Two: Sleep It Off

So you’ve found a way to calm yourself, and Cheryl thankfully. You part ways and cannot stop thinking about the money that’s been ripped from you so swiftly. You slip into something more comfortable when your phone rings, it’s Gerald. He’s restless and unable to sleep, much like you, and you both decide to go sleep outside of the Chase to face off with your bank mano a mano, once and for all. Gerald, being your only true friend in this world organises an event and rallies several throngs of similarly pajama’d people to support the cause in this time of great need. 

Stage Three: Premature Celebration

The tellers and managers walk into the parking lot and are prepared to work when they see the masses of pajama’d people sleeping and cooking on camp-stoves, lying in wait for the Confrontation of the Century. They shuffle past nervously, quietly as to not wake the sleeping. You, in your half awake stupor see this as a sign of victory, albeit a small one. As the oppressors file into the workplace, you don your party hat and pop your emergency champagne, drinking deeply. Your rally friends, all now dressed for the day turn away in shame as you clearly have lost the vision and your mind absolutely.

Stage Four: Ignorance Is Bliss

“Matching pajamas, beds and group sit-outs and camp ins are too esoteric” you think, after Gerald pulls you down from the roof and helps you sleep off your unearned celebratory drunkenness. “Simpler.” he whispers gently into your upturned ear. “Signs” you growl back, not in an unfriendly manner. Gerald sets off for glitter and glue and poster board and the entire third grade class at Polly Williams Elementary. Soon your signs are constructed perfectly and you stand in the impromptu picket line, next to Cheryl, not your Cheryl, a different girl all together. You’re going to make it.

Stage Five: Performance Art

 Nothing you do seems to have any effect. You remember once in college you had a friend, Peter. Peter was so cool, remember? He used to write poetry, smoke orange peels and sometimes appear naked in the quad, decrying the works of Shakespeare as clear deconstruction of the lyrical stylings of N.W.A. “You make no sense.” you told your friend in confidence over cups of Darjeeling. “It’s art. Nothing makes sense.” He retorted, sipping on the too hot tea and staining his pants, much to your delight. So, you take to the basement and mix up some latex paint in the shade of every credit card you’ve ever had. You drench yourself in it and crawl slowly toward the bank vault. You get about half-way when they ask you to leave. “This place is a prison, you pirates!” you cry in a shrill voice before quietly leaving, asking if you could please have your hat back, it fell off in the minor scuffle.

Stage Six: Kiss a Fish, Asshole

  The bank is now taking a note from your book, it seems. You get several varieties of dead, cold fish in the mail, sent Priority Post. No other indication other than the address, a Pier near to your home. You know it’s them, and you’ve had it. Bank fees – Bank Feesh – Bank Fish – Scales – Fins. It’s all starting to make sense.

Stage Seven: Quarantine

You’ve come this far, you’ve eaten most of the fish they’ve sent directly to your mailbox and are at a loss for how to proceed, if at all. “If I’d never gone to the party….if I’d never bought those drinks…if I’d never met Cheryl and fell deeply in love. I might have a better life, I might have saved so much money.” You reminisce about life before. The freedom. The feeling of sun on your face. You resign to the fact that this is in fact your fault and lock yourself inside your apartment, cut the phone line, smash your computer and swallow the small pieces of your credit card you have fed through the shredder again and again. You close your eyes. 

Our hearts go out to Nick, Susie  and Earl Cave in light of the tragic news at the sudden loss of their son and brother Arthur. Stay strong and well wishes to you and yours.

Nintendo CEO, Satoru Iwata Passes At Age 55

by Joey Pedras

Reportedly having health issues for a while, Iwata passed Saturday due to a bile duct growth. A sudden loss for his family, his colleagues, and gamers alike. He will be dearly missed.

(Source: The Verge)

ALISON SUDOL Cast In Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

by Joey Pedras (@joeypedras)

Sudol will be taking on the of Queenie in Fantastic Beasts. Sudol, is known best for her musical work (A Fine Frenzy), and role in Amazon’s original series “Transparent. She joins Academy Award winner Eddie Redmayne, and Ezra Miller in an ever growing cast for the Harry Potter “prequel”.

The film, based off the book of the same name, is set in New York City in the 1920s. It follows Newt Scamander (Redmayne) as he scours the globe for the world’s most mythical, and fantastic beasts. JK Rowling will be writing the first screenplay for this supposed series of films to be released. Fantastic news for fans of the Harry Potter books, and films. Good to know this original story will be in the hands of its original creator. The film will also be produce by David Heyman, who has produced all of the previous Harry Potter films.

Seems like this new film set in the Potter universe will definitely try to retain the feel, and tone the previous films had. It’s shaping up to be something pretty…fantastic.

(Source: Cinemablend)