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Comedy Bang! Bang! Bye…Bye?

What’s up, hot dog?

Yesterday came with the news that the IFC @ifc network has chosen not move forward beyond the soon to be finished fifth and final season of beloved self-proclaimed TV’s first talk show, Comedy Bang! Bang!

Helmed by alt-comedy titan Scott Aukerman @scottaukerman, spinning off his podcast of the same title, created a wild world full of off-beat tangents, obtuse turns of comedy tropes, a touch at the bubbling rage just under the surface of each of us as well as truck load after truck load of false names and sly references to things long forgotten. First teamed with the menace to music that is Reggie Watts then transitioned to a stint with rapper of note Kid Cudi and, as if by the fates themselves, joined by none other than Weird Al Yankovic for the final 20 episode long fifth season.

I don’t even know where to begin to talk about this show from a personal perspective. Ardent fan and champion of whatever this mess was supposed to be, I find myself at a loss for words. Did Comedy Bang! Bang! make an effort to push boundaries of what we consider when we think of comedy as an art form? Well, yeah stupid, of course it did. Was it always on the mark? Of course not, nothing is perfect, but in that imperfection lay some of the most groundbreaking attempts at generating comedy from a place of truth with a twist of whimsy. A veritable Pee-wee’s Playhouse style talk-sketch show that never let up and refused to fall into one clean category. 

All we can say is thank you and cherish what there is left to come, and maybe suck it up, as we’ve already seen the series finale two seasons ago. 

Comedy Bang! Bang! the TV show will be sorely missed. My man cave will feel a little more like a man’s grave with it gone. 

Luckily, we still have the podcast version some 400+ episodes deep and still evolving. 

Thank you @scottaukerman for five amazing seasons, a monolith of a podcast and whatever you have coming next. Can we get a Heynong Man? 


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SEM Project: Day 2

Sustainability Challenge: Garbage and Tiny Houses

Updates on intended goals for the challenge, vital information on trash, plastics and the new trend of tiny houses that may help the Earth remain inhabitable. 

Listen and learn! 

More information here:



Welcome to Bizarre States

by Anthony Wetmore (@TheMisterPipes, GhostConch)

Do you have an affinity for the weird, deranged or just plain eerie? This may be the podcast for you. Headed by Nerdist’s own Jessica Chobot [@JessicaChobot] (Nerdist News, IGN, Battle Bots) and Andrew Bowser [@andrewbowser] (Homicide: Life on the Street, The Mother of Invention, Director), Bizarre States formerly Spoooky Shit delves into topics those fearful dare not tread. 

Have you ever considered the benefits of Astral Projection? Felt a bump in the night? Have you ever woken up in the darkness of your bedroom, unable to move, but very certain you were being watched? Have you ever had your palm read? All of these and more come from the daring pair as they talk to guests from all walks of terror. Video game developers, UFOlogists, Paranormal Investigators and even “Readers Stories” from curious enthusiasts like you. 

Drawing on their collective knowledge and curiosity, as well as tangents that border on unrelated topics, however still engaging, this podcasts from the Nerdist camp is sure to delight all, from the deadicated horror fan to the surely doomed horror virgin. 

Bizarre States takes an honest look at all things strange, while maintaining a tongue in cheek playful tone between the two hosts and various guests from all walks of life, afterlife and beyond. Have a listen below to get a taste of what is to come and enjoy something just slightly left of Coast to Coast.

Episode suggestions:

 Ep. 37 – Ashley Troub (Ghost Hunters) – http://bit.ly/1IFu7UX

Ep. 11 – Barbara Crampton (Reanimator, You’re Next) – http://bit.ly/1G3u7YJ

[Photo courtesy of Nerdist: www.nerdist.com]