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Justin Roiland (Rick & Morty) Recieves Half-Gallon of Szechuan Sauce

It happened, Morty! We got the sauce! That delicious Mulan Szechuan chicken sauce!

You're seeing this right. McDonald's sent Rick and Morty co-creator, Justin Roiland, a half a gallon of their Szechuan sauce. It came in a very hazardous looking container with the label "Dimension C-1998M".

The label on the bottle says:

"For use only in McDonald's restaurants (C-1998M) during limited promotional window, and then maybe again twenty years later. DO NOT SERVE to mad scientists traveling with their teenage grandson; potential non-scientist versions of mad scientists from alternate dimensions; and/or Jerry."

McDonald's also included this letter address to Roiland himself:

Rick & Morty season 3 premieres at 11:30PM ET on July 30th 2017.

Rick & Morty’s April Fools Premiere (Contains Spoilers)

It was on the unsuspecting evening of April 1st 2017 that we were treated to a television show premiere like any other. The long awaited premiere of the Adult Swim hit, Rick & Morty, was streamed online throughout the night. This came with absolutely no warning whatsoever and was sprung as the best possible April Fools joke one could have asked for.


Throughout the episode we are treated to Rick’s diabolical, devious and outstandingly genius escape from prison. Rick is forced to go back through old memories so that his captors can capture the blueprints to his highly sought after portal gun. So Rick being Rick, he brings the along this alien played by the incomparable Nathan Fillion, through a sea of falsified memories. That’s when he takes the alien hostage and a calamity unravels.


Meanwhile, Summer feeling remorseful over the imprisonment of her grandfather and her dwindling patience with the family that seems to care less, sets out to find a way to free him. Unknowing to her that he’s already well on his way to dominating the universe. Morty fights Summer, saying that Rick isn’t someone that should be saved. Sadness and devastation follow  him everywhere he goes. Summer ignores Morty’s warning and uncovers Rick’s buried portal gun.

McDonald’s Szechuan Dipping Sauce

Arguably one of the most memorable parts of the episode was Rick’s rant about the long-forgotten Szechuan dipping sauce celebrating the release of Mulan at McDonald’s. Rick Sanchez made it very, very obvious that his sole quest throughout the rest of the show will be to find this sauce. Claiming even if it takes 9 more seasons or 97 years to find this sauce that’s all he truly cares for, McDonald’s Szechuan Chicken McNugget dipping sauce.

There is already an online petition to try and get McDonald’s put out the sauce once again. Let’s make it happen before Rick does something truly terrible in his quest to find this sauce. The safety of the universe depends on whether or not Rick gets this sauce. It’s up to us now.


We only got a taste, if you will, of how dark the new season of Rick & Morty will be. The rest of the season is not set to premiere until sometime this summer. We’re going to have to wait some more it seems. I’m sure the folks over at Rick & Morty are more than exhausted with the fan base constantly questioning and demanding more episodes. We saw that in Rick’s ravenous, raving rant.

We’ll try our best to be patient.

The Return of Rick and Morty

by Anthony Wetmore (@TheMisterPipes, GhostConch)

Last night saw the return of the polarizing Rick and Morty, the warped science fiction themed cartoon from the minds of Justin Roiland (House of Cosbys, Channel 101) and Dan Harmon (Community, Harmontown). Rick and Morty premiered it’s second season on alt. comedy channel Adult Swim with an episode that defies standards and promises an even better second run. 

The strange dynamic we see between Morty Smith and his alcoholic, narcissistic, devil may care scientist Rick Sanchez is challenged once again as chaos ensues in a way only they could manufacture. From the first few minutes, we’re at a standstill. Time has been stopped to clean and fix the house in order to keep peace within the Smith household. Only when time begins again does the problem arise, of course. As time begins to literally fracture and split, creating first two realities, then four, then eight… Rick and Morty along with sister Summer must try to set things right.

I don’t want to give away too much more, as the episode is a true spectacle in terms of animation, concept, and depth. In this return to prime time, we see not only another wacky, crude adventure punctuated by Rick’s belching and Morty’s incessant nervous whining. There is also a redefining of the relationship between the two titular characters through the strangeness. Despite irrefutable mathematical evidence that Morty and Summer are actual, literal shit, Rick finds himself deeply incensed to both, grandfatherly love projected through a broken prism to rain down on Morty.

The clear Doc Brown/Marty McFly parallel is ever present but consistently takes a backseat to deeper, more clearly defined unique characters. Going back to the future is nothing at all for these two, neither is changing the present. Whether or not Rick and Morty becomes the next mammoth adult-oriented cartoon to take television by storm remains to be seen, if it doesn’t,  the outlandish approach to long-standing conventions will remain a legend spoken of in hushed tones in the hallowed halls of cartoon reverence.

Rick and Morty airs on [adult swim] on Sundays at 10 PM 

[Image courtesy of: www.idigitaltimes.com]