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Check out Zachary Levi as Shazam

This week marks the beginning of San Diego comic-con. the one time every year where nerds gather in droves to celebrate their favorite pieces of pop culture. This year is expected to be one filled with a lot of things DC. We have an Aquaman trailer or teaser potentially dropping. There are rumblings of a new, crazy story comic to DC Comics, and now we have Shazam.

Shazam is looking to be one of the more lighthearted films in the DCEU. It’s hard to see Zachary Levi as a down and dark superhero. Shazam has always been the noble, cheery type, and hopefully this translates well into a live action film.

This shot right here might give us a glimpse into what the Shazam film might turn out to be. A fun-filled romp to bring the DCEU back on track. It’s too soon to say of course. Keep your eyes and ears open when it comes to news out of SDCC. We might be getting a sneak peek at what can be a real refreshing move in the DC cinematic universe.

SDCC ‘15: BATMAN, SUPERMAN, and WONDER WOMAN Costumes On Display

By Joey Pedras

Finally, those at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con can get a closer look at these fantastic new suits. Bat’s battle suit is looking mighty gorgeous even with those white, eerie looking eyes. An interesting thing I noticed was the worn look Batman’s everyday suit has. The center emblem seems to have plenty of cuts, and indents most likely to show this Batman has been at it for a while. On the other hand, we have Cavill’s fresh, sleek looking Supersuit. It’s easy for me to declare this my favorite Superman suit ever. I love the tones, and the textures. Then we have Princess Diana, the outfit looking as bold, and battle ready as ever. The iconic red, and blue, but not nearly in the same, flashy fashion as Superman. A battle set suitable for an Amazonian warrior princess.

I would love to see an Aquaman, and a Cyborg, and a Flash sometime soon. Going by the details in these costumes, I know those are going to be nothing, but stellar.

(Photo Source: Cinemablend)