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Channel Zero Has Opened ‘The Dream Door’



Nick Antosca is tuning us into Channel Zero a little earlier than expected. The fourth season of this under-current SyFy hit is opening ‘The Dream Door’ with its first episode premiering online ahead of the full October 26th release.

Based again on a well known Creepypasta, this time it’s “I found a hidden door…” by Charlotte Bywater. The story as written details the strange discovery of a previously unnoticed door in the basement of a house where a married couple had been living for the last 5 years.

Upon further investigation, they release someone, something, into the world and are left with the notion that it was a grave mistake.

Evidence of strange symbols and dried blood only reinforce the unease the door has brought.

In his usual fashion, Antosca has taken the germ of the story and bred it out into what is sure to be a beautifully horrifying experience.

Tom and Jillian, newly married life long friends, move into Tom’s childhood home after many years of being away.

Renovations, new house sex, a new dog, and friendly gatherings are frozen at the appearance of a door in their basement, seemingly from nowhere.

Tensions rise as secrets are uncovered.

Jillian feels the pressure of Tom’s strange behavior and odd phone calls to a mysterious woman.

Tom reassures his wife, with a certain edge, that nothing is amiss and she is simply projecting unrequited anger she holds for her similarly unfaithful father.

The “Dream Door”, once opened, lets loose a strange entity, taken the form of “Pretzel Jack”, an imaginary friend Jillian birthed as a child through drawings.

Pretzel Jack is not imaginary. Pretzel Jack is no friend.

The first episode,  “Ashes On My Pillow”, available now on Syfy.com, unpacks a lot into the old house and leaves much room for even more to be discovered.

Though we will have to wait a little while longer to see what else lurks in the basement of suspicious minds, I for one cannot wait to open the door just a little further.

Channel Zero: The Dream Door, releases all six installments on October 26th through SyFy.com.


House of Leaves Pilot Script Teases New Ways to Warp Storytelling


Having as high a regard and reverence as the novel, House of Leaves has, it would seem eminent that television would try and swallow it whole, regurgitating some vague semblance of the experience so many of us have, and still are going on.

Mark Z. Danielewski is having none of that.

A short month ago, first in a Facebook discussion group, then to the wider world, Danielewski revealed a pilot script for a recently defunct attempt at bringing House of Leaves to the small streaming screen. Disagreement abound, the project (for now?) has come to a halt, but the germ of the idea has been planted.

Fans and critics alike have been swept up in the unsurprisingly ambitious turn that the pilot script has taken. Much like current “peak” television, Danielewski has crafted a pilot that is beyond description. Distilling the tones contained in which is sure to go down as his Magnum Opus, MZD shows a deft hand at mediums beyond literature ad photography.

For those familiar, MZD has been hard and fast on “if you want to see the movie, read the book.”

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Pee-wee’s Big Holiday Gets a Release Date

by Anthony Wetmore (@TheMisterPipes, GhostConch)

From the mind of Paul Reubens, everyone’s favorite manic Child-man, innocent and always growing much like his audience. Reubens went on to craft what is arguably one of the most recognizable and beloved characters of children of all ages. 

From his time in the Playhouse to his stint in the Circus, Pee-wee Herman has been delivering the absurd and sometimes blue laughs for going on nearly 40 years. Birthed as a character from his time with The Groundlings, Pee-wee has come a long way and become so much larger than he began. Forever linked to red bow-ties, “If you love it so much, why don’t you marry it?!, and Tequila by The Champs, Pee-wee isn’t done yet! 

Coming off an extended hiatus, a healthy Twitter presence (@peeweeherman) and a few stray appearances on various television mediums, Pee-wee comes back with another feature length premiering on Netflix March of 2016. 

Early next year, we will finally re-join Pee-wee in his next adventure Pee-wee’s Big Holiday, directed by Judd Apatow (Freaks and Geeks, Walk Hard) and written by Reubens himself with Paul Rust (I Love You Beth Cooper, Inglorious Basterds, Comedy Bang! Bang!).

The film plot is vague as of now but what we do know is Pee-wee meets a mysterious stranger and this inspires him to take his first holiday and have what promises to be an ‘epic story of friendship and destiny’.

Again Pee-wee’s Big Holiday premieres March 2016 on Netflix

[Photo and date courtesy of: peewee.com]