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David Firth shows us the dangerous wonders of “Cream”


Mixed-media artist David Firth (@DAVID_FIRTH) perhaps most well known for his bizarre, unsettling yet endearing “Salad Fingers” series is still at it and taking the strange to new, chilling heights. His latest released project, a short animated film entitled “Cream”.

The short is animated in a style that will be familiar to fans of Firth’s previous works, but it has taken on a starkly realistic quality, utilizing actual faces, natural textures and drab yet shocking color to truly drive home an atmosphere of strange normalcy. We are first introduced to a new miracle product, a cream, branded as Cream, that appears to be limitless in it’s uses. Cream cures acne, it can cure all ailments major and minor, it can regrow your lawn, it can even (when injected directly into the brain) increase your I.Q.

Our main character, Dr. Bellifer, has struck gold and watches as his invention soars in popularity and cosmic power. There is no stopping Cream. Cream becomes so much more than was originally intended, much to the chagrin of the good doctor. Go on and see for yourself what horrible wonders Cream can commit.


David Firth is a master of his craft, distorting reality with enough finesse to disturb yet equally draw one into his underlying message. Though the meaning may seem as clear as the blemish on one’s face (there’s a Cream for that.), we are privy to a multi-layered commentary on consumption, medicine, advertising, the ever present menace that can be the media and even our own personal connection to the world outside. Whether intended or not, Firth has command of imagery and dialogue, that when married together generates the reflective surface we so often forget to peer into when making purchases, large and small decisions and most importantly what we put our trust and faith into. Who can we truly say has our best interest at heart?

There is much to be gleaned from this twelve minute meditation on the human condition and how each of us can be manipulated into any reaction given the right circumstance, only to be led back into the fold for another go around.

I can only hope we will see more from Mr. Firth in the very near future, as he continues to terrify, sicken and delight me in good measure.

You can watch ‘Cream’ and many of his other polarizing projects on David’s YouTube Channel here: http://bit.ly/2rVrnRQ

The Future is a Plethora of Strange Caviar

by Anthony Wetmore (TheMisterPipes, GhostConch)

Say hello to the Imperial Spherificator, your newest absolutely unnecessary must have kitchen appliance. What is this strange technology? Why am I drawn to it’s sleek curves and bright blue light? I will tell you! The Imperical Spherificator will change the way you play with your food. Imagine garnishing a roast lamb with a cool mint jelly caviar, topping your favorite ice cream with your other favorite ice cream, or even a refreshing fruit flavored mix in for your morning yogurt? Sounds too good to be true, but this device promises just that, as quoted here:

“any food that can be liquefied and blended, mixes it with a bit of sodium alginate and then ejects drops of it into a calcium chloride. …the reaction creates a thin membrane that encases the liquid in a gelatinous sphere. …texture like caviar, or if you use dairy and freeze…[like] Dippin’ Dots.”

The Imperial Sphereificator is still in it’s funding stage over at Kickstarter but they’re getting very close. 

More information can be found here on concept, production and donations: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spherificator/imperial-spherificator

[Image courtesy ofhttp://www.pastemagazine.com/ , quote: http://gizmodo.com/]

LCD (Subway) System

by Anthony Wetmore (@TheMisterPipes, GhostConch)

“A beats on repeat, beating on me…” ~ LCD Soundsystem, “On Repeat” 

“Like a death of the heart, Jesus, where do I start?” Croons Murphy in a tired and longing love song to New York. Maybe the answer has always been the subways.

A change is slowly coming to the unrelenting subways of New York City. No, it won’t be more time efficient, and you certainly won’t be feeling any cooler or warmer in those unrelenting tunnels. There will, however, come a catchy tune you’ll hopefully come to associate with your stops. James Murphy, former front man of  the legendary New York dance-punk band LCD Soundsystem is setting forth on a new musical mission. Murphy aims to do away with the harsh beeps of lifeless turnstiles and replace them with what he’s calling a Subway Symphony

“I believe that music makes people happy, and it can make them reflective,” says Murphy in the video introduction to the project “The turnstile has to make a sound. It might as well be beautiful.”

Having been a consistent fan of LCD Soundsystem and Murphy himself, I can think of no better New Yorker to serenade the city with it’s own means of transportation. For more than twenty years, Murphy has had the idea to change rush hour from a dinning humdrum into an exciting musically driven journey home. Each station would have it’s own unique tune played by travelers and turnstiles alike, swiping through a song that will not only delight but also serve as a memory-marker of where you are and where you are going. As a result of this I could see the project being adopted further, producing a seamless inter-connectivity between all people and places that use the system. Making it home is no longer a frustrating  struggle, no longer a cold mechanical beep, but a smooth and wondrous Subway Symphony. In cahoots with Heineken, who is providing James with the backing necessary, it may not be long before we’re whistling the song of the F Train rather than cursing our tawdry existence and sub-standard subway travel.

You can keep checking back here for the progress of the project: http://subwaysymphony.heineken.com/

Casey Neistat’s BEME Is LIVE

by Joey Pedras (@joeypedras)

Casey Neistat, director/vlogger/creator extraordinaire, has finally released his highly anticipated app. Under wraps for quite some time we’ve finally got a look at the new iPhone application. The app is all about authenticity, and “real”. No filters. No second guessing. Whatever you record is immediate. It’s out there. One could describe it as a very stripped back, and raw Snapchat. Find other strangers near, and far an check out glimpses of their lives.

Right now you can only access the app’s features through an unlock code. These unlock codes have to be transferred from one user to someone who’s still locked out. So take to social media to find your way in. Neistat describes it as a way to keep people who will actually use the app in. Stating that it’s all about the loyal, recurring users. It’s suppose to be a place where friends share honest moments between each other.

My personal opinion, the idea is great. Raw, short videos from friend’s lives seems great. We can say that Snapchat or Instagram is too cultivated, and edited. Though I think we all took to those platforms for that reason. The masses might be tired of dealing with raw life. So it’s unclear yet what BEME’s true purpose might be. It’ll have lots to get over to reach the accessibility, and addictiveness of Snapchat. I guess we’ll see what Neistat, and his team has in store.

Check out the app for yourself here

Scream Update

by Anthony Wetmore (@TheMisterPipes, GhostConch)

Lakewood is abuzz with gossip, rumor and of course the reverberations of the recent murder of Nina Patterson (Bella Thorne). Like blood in the pool, it spreads at a medium pace, touching and coloring all around. Rumblings of the possible return of the infamous Brandon James has the town, and the teens rife with distress and concern, also, I think I need to charge my phone.

The series continues it’s themes on the danger of e-fame in the twenty-first century, in true current fashion of heavy-handed name dropping of Instagram, Twitter and even a bash on Facebook “like anyone still uses that.” Classes take a backseat to constant social media updates, mainlining news of the freshly dead, upping the body count to two, with no clear answer is sight. Terror and sadness reign amid smaller social hook-ups and hang-ups in perfect measure.

Red Herrings aplenty, ‘Scream: the tv series’, has such a grasp on the tone of the times as well as the slick, consistent creepiness that pervades every bit of the scenery. The second episode even introduces Piper Shay (Amelia Rose Blaire of HBO’s ‘True Blood’) who not only happens to be the host of a certain murder/crime focused podcast that is updated daily as the proceedings develop, she also just happens to be a near-spitting image of Serial podcast host Sarah Koenig which I am certain is no mere coincidence. 

With the bodies piling at an appropriate pace so far for television, the obvious finger on the pulse of what is hot in terms of new media consumption, with a keen eye on the way millennials build themselves up electronically with new gadgets and apps to transmit our every thought, deed and sandwich order, ‘Scream’ hits every note with eerie precision. The unaware self-aware tonality of the more humorous sections are the final touch that really brings this show into stellar territory. It knows what it is and it knows what it’s doing. It also knows that cheese, as much as blood, will catch like the next hot viral video. All of this and slow glimpses of what is truly happening every so often with just as many dead corners and soured relationships to keep the series afloat well into the long haul.

“Scream: the tv series” has already been picked up for a second season and I could not be more delighted to see where they take it.

“Scream: the tv series” airs Tuesdays on MTV at 10PM

[Photo courtesy of: mtv.com]

Moondog Labs Brings An Anamorphic Adapter To iPhone

by Joey Pedras (@joeypedras)

A mobile filmmaker’s dream gadget. This device lets your achieve that iconic, cinematic 2:4:1 aspect ratio for your iPhone videos. For low-budget, indie filmmakers like myself this device is exactly what we’ve been waiting for.

Launched as a Kickstarter campaign, the Moondog device gained popularity very quickly, and reached its goal in no time at all. Even catching the eye of filmmaker Sean Baker, who used the device to shoot his short film “Tangerine”. Which received fantastic review at the Sundance Film Festival. Goes to show that if you have a good story to tell, and decent gear you can make some fantastic stuff.

The device is currently only available for the iPhone 5, and up. You can order one now on the Moondog Labs website. An iPhone 5/5s adapter costs $160 which seems a little steep, but for what it’s worth, a full anamorphic adapter could cost you a ton more than that.

You can find more information here: http://www.moondoglabs.com/

(Source: Indiewire)