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You Can Play These Original Xbox Games On Your Xbox One Right Now

The launch of original Xbox backwards compatibility has begun! Microsoft has released the list of these 13 games you can play on your Xbox today:

  • Black
  • BloodRayne 2
  • Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge
  • Dead to Rights
  • Ninja Gaiden Black
  • Fuzion Frenzy
  • Grabbed by the Ghoulies
  • The King of Fighters Neowave
  • Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
  • Psychonauts
  • Red Faction 2
  • Sid Meier’s Pirates!
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

If you don’t own some of these games and would like to play them they are now available in the Xbox Live marketplace.

Super Mario Odyssey Just Days Away

Have you already pre-ordered your copy of Super Mario Odyssey? It’s not too late to pre-order to get that sweet Amazon discount.

This is going to be the first full open-world Mario game since Super Mario Sunshine was release on the Gamecube in 2002. Overall, the buzz seems to be pretty positive for the most part. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild blazed a path on the Nintendo Switch with the massive landscapes, story and world. So far it seems like Odyssey is up to the task, and just might be following that up with it’s own spin, and the charm we’ve come to love in modern Mario games.


After 15 years, a spectacular Mario open-world platformer is far overdue if you ask us. Most of that were kids when Sunshine came out are now adults with jobs, and real responsibilities, and dare I say it? Kids of our own! Though it’s not as grave as it seems. Bringing Mario into a whole new generation with a stellar game is exactly what Nintendo needs to do right now. Give something to the old fans like us, give something to the even older fans, and also bring something to engage the youngins.

It’s very interesting to see how deeply set Super Mario games are set in popular culture. As we saw with the massive success of the NES and SNES Classic, Nintendo and Mario are deeply rooted into the hearts and minds of many generations of gamer. It’s going to be interesting to see if the Switch and Odyssey are one of the things in 20 years time that people feel nostalgic about. Nostalgic enough to wait in long lines, and drop large amounts of cash on at the drop of a…red hat. I personally am very interested to see what sticks and what doesn’t in 20 years time. Will there ever be another NES or SNES that really captivates the hearts of players or is that a time long gone in an industry that moves so fast in can hardly keep up with the attention spans of its players? Can’t say for sure right now, but it will surely be interesting to see when the time comes.

Rumor: Pokemon GO – What’s Coming Next?

Do you remember Pokemon GO? The smash hit for mobile gaming that echoed around the world? Chances are, you probably pop open the app when you’re walking to a friends house or if you’re bored during a commute. Believe it or not, Pokemon GO is still being played by millions daily. According to IGN, Pokemon GO still has about 65 million daily active users trotting around the globe trying to catch them all. So don’t count the game out just yet, there are updates coming soon that are going to drastically change the game. The Pokemon GO we’ve all been waiting for isn’t behind us, it’s ahead. That’s if the developers keep their word, and rollout updates to make the game truly immersive and competitive once again.


We’re going through a list of upcoming update rumors that definitely have us excited to venture into the great outdoors again. Let’s just hope these see the light of day…


Seems like an obvious addition, I know. Trading has been a staple in Pokemon since the beginning. Trading in Pokemon GO has been eluded to since the first trailer, but there hasn’t been a single inkling of it coming as an actual usable mechanic in the game (besides in the initial beta.) That might be changing in the next big update. Of course this is just a rumor, but according to senior product manager of Niantic, Tatso Namura, “it won’t be through the internet,” when it’s released.

Now some people feel that this defeats the purpose of the game, but think about it, if there are added mechanics to the game, the actual purpose of the gameplay changes. There will be more challenges besides catching Pokemon, picking up Pokestops and fighting over gyms. Trading makes absolute sense, it’s time.

PVP (Player VS Player)

Again, another staple of Pokemon games since the beginning. It seems odd that they’re making these two decade old mechanics seem like an exciting new prospect. Trading and battling should have been something included on day one. Most of us remember that time thought; failing servers, crashing apps, and for a lot of us, insanely hot summer days to contend with. The time for PVP was in 2016, but I myself am excited to see how the developers are going to integrate it. What will the reward system look like if there is one? How will battle be initiated? Not holding my breath just yet, but I think Niantic is finally getting the ball rolling with this game. They have my faith for now.


We’ve had implications of legendary events since the first trailer with the elusive Mewtwo in Times Square. We’ve also had hacking issues involving the three original legendary birds which led to accounts being apparently banned. Now we’re seeing hints at upcoming legendary events in the upcoming months. An actual schedule and official announcements are yet to be see, but Niantic really has to do something to entice users to return.



So, it seems like Niantic is really committing to their first even July 22nd, 2017 in Chicago’s Grant Park. At the time of writing this it’s uncertain what the event actually entails, but we’ll find out soon enough. Right now it seems just like a large networking even for Pokemon lovers throughout the city, and tourists driving, training or flying in. This sets a pretty cool precedent for Pokemon related events, something I haven’t really attended for almost 20 years. These events might be reminiscent of all the meet-ups that took place during the summer of 2016. Now that the user-base has shrunken it might take actual, official events to get people to congregate the way they did at its peak.

(Tickets go on sale for this event tomorrow, June 19th (by the way.)

It seems there isn’t too groundbreaking going on in the Pokemon GO universe right now. It would be fantastic to see unexpected updates and additions included in the next version. Pokemon GO at its core is a truly fun game that brought people together, and I’m not quite sure lightning will strike twice in this case. It will forever go down in pop culture history as making the summer of 2016 one of the best summers of an angsty millennial’s adult life. I’m all for the phenomenon to pickup again, but like I said before, I’m not holding my breath.

What do you think of the update rumors coming to Pokemon GO? Is it enough to get you playing again or have you been playing every day since release?

E3 2017: Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Details

8:30 PM EST – E3 is in full swing, currently WB Games is streaming new gameplay from the highly anticipated Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. The sequel to the 2014 games takes place in between The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring (for context.) The game reintroduces mechanics very similar to Shadow of Mordor, and improves on them. Not only this, but their hierarchy system has received a huge upgrade, and may be the best new feature of the game completely.

The new mechanic allows orc commanders to expand, and strengthen their army with every victory called “The Nemesis System”. Not only that, but each orc commander will be able to team up with other orc commanders making their army stronger, and much more difficult to defeat. Additionally, these orc commanders will bring special traits to their armies. These Legendary orc commanders will inhabit their own unique lairs which will come with their own set of challenges.

Shadow of Mordor seems to bring the compelling, addictive gameplay from Shadow of War and amplifies it. The battles are bigger, the enemies more grotesque, and the stakes that much higher. Sauron’s army seems like it has gained greater hold of the land, and those of us familiar will the books and films know how it all plays out. Nonetheless, Talion’s story is one that’s as compelling and as immersive as the films and books themselves.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is set to be released October 10th, 2017

Will you be buying the SNES Classic Mini this Christmas?

Although, we can’t buy the NES Classic Mini without giving up an arm and a leg for it at an ebay auction; we can look forward to SNES Classic Mini coming this Christmas.


This could potentially explain the NES Classic Mini cancellation even though the popularity of the tiny retro console hasn’t died down. Apparently, Nintendo was looking to clear the market out this Christmas for the SNES Classic Mini. As such, Nintendo never intended to keep the NES Classic Mini in stock past last years Christmas.


I’m pretty jazzed for the SNES Classic Mini, as I grew up loving the SNES games more than NES games. For many, it’s difficult not to look back fondly on some of the best console games ever created on the SNES such as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario World, and Chrono Trigger, to name just a few.

Can we really justify the price of the little console when we have the Virtual Console filled with SNES and NES classics? Although, for anyone who hasn’t bought a Nintendo console since the Wii this could be a great way to snag some nostalgic adults with a SNES Classic Mini who want to relive some of their childhood experiences without a high barrier to entry price.

It’s best to pre-order as soon as possible seeing that the NES Classic Mini sold out and became discontinued shortly after. Let’s hope the supplies don’t run dry too soon, but as we already know Nintendo has a bad track record with keeping up with demand.

Do you think Nintendo will give us more than 30 titles for the SNES Classic Mini? What games would you like to see pre-loaded on the tiny nostalgia box?

Beat Cop: Will You Want To Beat This Game?


Beat Cop by Pixel Crow and publisher 11 Bit Studios is another great indie title from a small Polish studio.  

In the game, you play as Jack Kelly, former detective turned Beat Cop due to being framed for robbery of a Senator after stopping a burglar at the Senator’s villa. You’ll now be spending the next 21 days clearing his name before it’s too late. 

Jack is demoted to a parking enforcement officer for a street in Brooklyn, not very glamorous for a former hotshot detective. You may feel that writing tickets is a little too mundane for your tastes, but the interactions, funny dialogue, and even being a meter maid, can be quite enjoyable and satisfying. This game is dredged with influences from movies like Lethal Weapon, Dirty Harry, and Miami Vice.


The best comparison to be made is to Paper’s Please, in both games you’re a civil servant with a menial task to do, but from that you have an addicting game play mechanic wrapped in a life or death balancing act that moves forward with an intriguing plot.

Back at the station you’re treated to plenty humorous banter between you and your brothers in blue. This is where the game lays out your days objectives.


You’ll be writing x amount of tickets for parking violations, poor tire conditions, broken lights or catching thieves shoplifting from the shopkeepers you visit daily on patrol. You’ll have to fill out your quota for the day while dealing with the citizens of Brooklyn and build a relationship with your community to pick up clues on who framed you.

In the game you’re asked to start paying alimony checks to your ex wife, sadly a cop’s salary might just not be enough to cut it without doing a little moonlighting on the side. This is when you can choose to help the shopkeepers with various assignments, most of them involve you taking an object from point a to point b.

Aside from the shopkeepers, you’ll be dealing with two factions of criminal scum, the Italians, and the Crew. These two give you missions daily which will strengthen your relationship between one of the factions. If you do enough missions for a particular faction you can accrue enough money to complete the game before the 21 days are up without learning who framed you. But if you become too friendly with one faction then it’s game over, and your poor ex-wife won’t be collecting that sweet alimony check.

Do you take a bribe from someone who doesn’t want a ticket, or skip your shoplifting watch and help a little girl who lost a cat. If you skip the ticket then you may not fulfill your quota for your jerk of a captain.

Depending on the choices you make this will influence your standing in the various different subsets of the community. Keeping in mind that this game has multiple endings that are affected by the way you interact with the people around you.


The guys at Pixel Crow did a with the game’s art style. The pixel art is highly detailed and this game relies on the 80’s cop show feel. Although, you’ll be looking at the same street over and over again for the next three weeks. But the pixel art is a treat to look at.

There isn’t any voice acting, this is a text based adventure, but the dialogue is mostly funny at times; you may here a few off color terms thrown out here and there, but the guys at Pixel Crow were trying to keep with the time this game is set in.

Some lines of dialogue are repeated throughout the game, for example, when visiting the shop keeper’s they’ll repeat “Is that a gun, or are you just happy to see me?” Little bit tiresome to hear for the hundredth time. 

maxresdefault (1)

I like the game, there is a lot of pressure to get through the day’s work before the clock hits 6 PM when it’s quitting time. The 80’s cop show/movie references and humor are definitely something that die hard fans of the genre will enjoy.

The tense money, time, and relationship management all the while trying to uncover a detective mystery is worthwhile enough to recommend a play through on more than one occasion due to the multiple endings and challenging game play mechanics. I believe that Pixel Crow can even take this game to iOS and Android in the future since the point and click controls would transfer seamlessly.

Beat Cop is available on SteamHumble Store, and GOG. For additional information about the game check out Pixel Crow along with any other games they may have coming down the pipeline. In the meantime follow them on Twitter.

Putting The DEATH STRANDING Trailers Side-By-Side

The newest trailer for the upcoming Hideo Kojima game is stunning, a sight to behold, strange. They’re polar opposites seemingly taking place in two separate worlds. Now we know very little about the actual plot of the game, and are only given new information when a trailer arises. The newest trailer is even more peculiar and surreal than the last. Though savvy viewers of the trailer noticed something strange. The new trailer had a lot of parallels to the first trailer. Two obvious parallels are the use of water and the appearance of these babies. In the the first trailer, a baby vanishes from the arms of a crying Norman Reedus. In the newest trailer, a baby appears suddenly after Guilldermo del Toro plugs a tub into this incubator type device. There are other more subtle parallels, but the babies are definitely the most obvious of the bunch.

Keep your eyes peels for more similarities between the two trailers, and let us know over on Twitter what you find. The game doesn’t have a set release date yet, but we know it will be a PS4 exclusive (at least at launch.)

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