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Going Sane in a World Gone Crazy

The Tick is back, finally. After a stint as a mascot, spanning comics, different television iterations, both live action and animated, we have a new take on a perhaps forgotten favorite hero. Amazon Prime has graciously given us a taste of what could become a brilliant new addition to the current trend of superhero-centric television. Peter Serafinowicz (Shaun of the Dead, Star Wars: Episode 1) is The Tick made flesh and rubber. Peppering his performance with touches of Adam West as well as his own brand of slick delivery of dry wit and obtuse similes. Found through the eyes of Arthur Everest,  as played by Griffin Newman (Vinyl, Cop Show), we join our new Tick as he scopes out shady dealings and the possible return of an old nemesis. 

This pilot really captures the feeling of what makes The Tick a stellar choice for a revival. 

Have you seen Amazon’s The Tick? Let us know if you’re as excited as we are to see more of this version? Do you also feel warm like the inside of bread? Get into bread with us.

More importantly, if you have seen it, please take the survey found at amazon.com/pilotseason to let them know you want more Tick in your life. We certainly do.

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Original Twin Peaks Score To Be Re-Released On Vinyl

As of now you’ll be able to pre-order a copy of the newly remastered re-release of the iconic Angelo Badalamenti score. It’s been 25 years since the last time the Twin Peaks soundtrack has been heard on vinyl. Now it’s time to usher in a new era of Twin Peaks with a new release and remaster.

Here’s what Badalamenti had to say on the release:

“I’m glad that after 25 years, Death Waltz Recording Company has
re-released the original soundtrack for Twin Peaks for a new audience to
enjoy. This is my defining work as a composer and I’m happy it will get
a fresh listen”

– Angelo Badalamenti 2016

You can pre-order it now here, but according to mondtotees.com, you most likely won’t receive it until late October.

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